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   Chapter 23 Let it hurt

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Updated: 2020-06-22 23:39

~~~ Let it hurt, let it bleed, let it take you right down to your knees. Let it burn to the worst degree. May not be what you want' but it's what you need. Sometimes the only way around it is to let love do its work and let it hurt, yeah, let it hurt...~~~

-Rascal Flatts-


When our graduation came, I was in five months of pregnancy and my belly was already showing in my gown. But despite the different stares I received from the people who attended the ceremony, I still held my chin up, received my award and diploma and proudly gave my salutatorian speech.

Many of my classmates, especially my best friend Jack were sad that I didn't get the highest award. I have to admit that I couldn't focus on my studies in the last few months as stupidity came over me... and I got pregnant. But while receiving my award, I felt no regrets because I know there's a greater achievement that would come in the way and that is my baby.

Mom wanted to throw a party but I refused and I said that we can simply have lunch together, all of us including my in-laws and of course my best friend who also got an honor. She agreed so we ended up having lunch in an exclusive restaurant. We also had an extended celebration at home (my parents' home) where Luke and all the boys were in charge of cooking the barbecues while we girls stayed in the kitchen to prepare the side dishes.

Jack and I received our graduation gifts but I didn't expect to receive one from my husband. I asked Rory and Elaine to put them in the car as I decided to open them in 'our' home. (If you're wondering why our maids were there, well, it's because they were also part of our celebration).

After having dinner, we gathered in the living room and shared the wine that my father-in-law brought from Italy, but since I was pregnant, I have just sipped the grape juice that Rory has prepared for me.

"Why don't you open the gifts, girls?" My mom asked and Jack and I shared glances.

"Uhm, Untie we've already put them in the car. We decided to just open them at home." Jack was the first to answer.

"Tss!" Dale smirked, he stood up and went over to the side table. Seconds later, he has a small box in his hand and without any warning, he threw it into the air towards Jack's direction. "Catch it, weirdo."

"What the---" Jack didn't finish her sentence as she immediately got up to catch the small box.

"Hey, Dale Sebastian, that's rude! Why didn't

e living room. I was about to go out and see the new face of the woman he would bring to the second heaven again, but I felt a light hand on my shoulder.

I turned my head to see Rory slowly shake her head.

"Ma'am, it's better if you didn't see them." She has a concerned smile between her lips and I sighed before going back to my bed.

"You're right, Rory."

She sat on the far side of the bed and we both drowned in silence. The only thing we could hear was Elaine's light snoring and the faint giggle of whoever the woman was with Luke tonight.

"Ma'am, why do you just agree with what he does?"

I gulped by hearing Rory's question and I glanced at her with a half-hearted smile but she's not looking at me but on the window where the moonlight passing through the glass panels and she continued.

"Why are you just letting him hurt you like this?" she asked, looking at me this time.

I sighed for I don't know how many times since I already lost count.

"Agreeing is different from getting along and getting along is far different from sacrificing, Rory."

"Sacrificing? You mean you're purposely taking all this?" I nodded. "But why ma'am---"

"Just call me Sam, Rory." I interrupted her which caused her to stop from talking.

"But ma'am---"

"Please, Rory? We're almost the same age and honestly, I consider you more of a friend than our maid. There are things that I could tell you openly that I can't tell Jack. She's my best friend but I don't want her to know how things were going between me and Luke. I'm sure she would get worried and I don't know the other things she could do if she ever finds this out."

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