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   Chapter 128 Carry Out The Plan (Part Two)

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"Then what are you going to do?" Then, Charles made a guess, "What about we make a bait to lure her out?"

Noel nodded, "I think so. The time could be set on the day of Timothy's operation." As he spoke, he told the plan to Charles in a low voice beside his ears.

Hearing that, Charles nodded and said, "it's the safest plan for both of you and your wife. I'll arrange it." Then Charles turned around and left the office.

Noel tapped his fingers on the table. He didn't like smart women because of this. It was troublesome to deal with those kind of women, so a woman like Daryl was just on his bottom line.

Yvonne felt comfortable in Adam's house. She ate and drank and was having fun in Adam's house all day long. She even began to play video games. Though she was only a rookie and was not good at ii at all, she still enjoyed playing it.

Jacob shook his head helplessly. After he told his father about this, Noel said, "son, you have to know that when your mom has her brain off duty, she could not even tell the difference between praise and blame. And unfortunately, your mother's brain is off duty most of the time."

Falling on the bed,Jacob burst into laughter. After taking a look at her son, Yvonne continued to play video games. "What did you say to your father about me again?"

"Dad said Mom was smart." Jacob said with a giggle. He crawled over and watched his mother playing the game. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly. "Mommy, you are beaten to death in the game again. Why are you still laughing?" Was Dad sure that mom's brain was just off duty instead of being intelligence disable?

"What? I'm the one who died in the game? " Yvonne clicked the mouse and found her character lying on the ground.

Speechless, Jacob kept reminding himself that this was his mother, and this was his mother. He couldn't look down upon her.

When Yvonne was still upset about her game, someone called her and asked her if she had another account. He could play with her.

Looking at the handsome man shown on the screen in front of her, it suddenly occurred to Yvonne that the online game

osely, as if it was about to hit her at any time.

Looking at the road condition in the Bureau of traffic supervision, Charles tutted and said, "What a rich guy. If I am not mistaken, that must be Mayback. How could he just take it out and don't even care about the risk of crashign it might undertake?"

Sitting in the car, Noel listened to the sound from the headset. Anyway, the car was not his, and Adam didn't care. What did he care about?

"Boss, the cars behind are speeding up." Said Charles suddenly, keeping an eye on the car behind them.

Looking at the car behind them from the rearview mirror, Noel said lightly, "Lieutenant Janet, it is said that this car is worth a lot of money."

Janet was choked by the words, and soon calmed down. "I didn't expect Captain Noel to care about the car so much."

"Of course, it's every man's hobby." Noel said, paying attention to the situation behind him. "Lieutenant, it depends on your ability whether you can keep this car or not."

Janet snorted. She didn't plan to keep the car intact. She didn't know how dirty the car was.

The car behind them speeded up and hit the Maybach. Janet cursed in a low voice. After changing the gear, she suddenly turned around and hit the car in the middle.

The corners of Noel's mouth twitched slightly. Sure enough, Janet was a woman from the army. She was so tough that she was no worse than those men.

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