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   Chapter 127 Carry Out The Plan (Part One)

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Adam chuckled and went back to the kitchen to continue cooking.

Standing upstairs and looking at them, Yvonne tapped her own chin. It seemed that Noel was right. Even if they took measures, it might not work. After all, it was not easy to deal with Adam.

Holding the phone in his arms, Jacob looked at his mother at the door and said in a low voice, "Dad, mom is different at Uncle Adam's house."

Noel raised his eyebrows and asked, "why is it different?" His wife was always the same as usual. There should be no difference.

Jacob tilted his little head and didn't know how to describe it. He said, "it's just that mommy can quarrel with uncle. Mom is different from what she used to be as usual. When mom stayed with Uncle Adam, she would always behave like a child."

Behave like a child? Noel put down the pen in his hand. It seemed that his wife relied mostly on Adam, although they hadn't been together for a long time.

"He is your uncle, just like you can act like a spoiled child by my parents' side. Do you know that uncle is also part of mom's family members?" After saying that, Noel spat at himself, thinking that it was a mistake to let his wife go there.

"Oh," said Jacob. He thought about his doubt about his Uncle Adam, just like he and his parents. Then he understood. "Dad, do you know that uncle is living with that sis?" That little guy began to gossip again.

Noel touched his forehead. His son really like to gossip. He couldn't help saying, "my son, you have grown up into a big boy now. You can't be so gossipy."

Jacob curled his lips and said, "mom said that people who don't gossip are not good people." Jacob deemed himself as a good boy, so it was normal for him to gossip.

Noel didn't know what to say because of his son. He changed the topic directly, "well, son, where is your mother?" He felt that talking to his son was a challenge, so he still liked to talk to his wife. At least, his wife was the one who was always rendered speechless by him.

"Mommy is outside." As Jacob spoke, he looked outside and shouted, "Mommy, mommy, daddy is looking for you."


ght Adam's life at home must be wonderful. "Ms. Janet, what about come and have dinner with us." Yvonne thought she should try to invite her.

Adam picked up some food for Yvonne and snorted, "don't worry about her. She can eat by herself if she is hungry. She won't die before she kills me."

Janet stood up and sat opposite Yvonne. She smiled at Adam and thought, 'he is right. I won't let anything happen to myself before I kill him.'.

Adam chuckled. This woman was not stupid. She knew what was the priority.

In the evening, Noel went to find Charles and discuss the whole thing with him. Charles knocked back and forth on the table with his fingers and asked, "do you mean that the person who kidnapped your wife is taking the order of Daryl?"

"I think so. I've met her outside the city. It's obvious that my mother colluded with her this time." As Noel spoke, he leaned against the table and continued, "the key now is to find out where is Daryl."

"Last time someone leaked her information in the army base and she was ordered to suspend. If she is not in the army base, it will be difficult to find her." If it was really Daryl, she wouldn't have come back if she had done so. Thinking of this, Charles didn't say anything.

"The information should be sent by Adam himself. As for his purpose, we don't know yet." Noel said, frowning. It was really difficult to guess what Adam was thinking.

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