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   Chapter 126 You Like Me (Part Two)

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Looking at Janet, Adam snorted and said, "If only Noel could protect her, what would have happened to Yvonne today wouldn't have happened."

Janet snorted and looked outside. After thinking for a while, she said again, "But I'm curious about your relationship with Yvonne." Adam cared about Yvonne more than his wife, but he didn't seem to want to get her.

"She?" Adam drove the car to a fork in the road and said, "She is my little sister." Adam gave up Yvonne because he liked her. He liked her so that he let go of her and protected her from afar.

Sister? Looking at him, Janet didn't think so, but she didn't say anything more.

When Adam arrived at the gate of the military camp, he called Yvonne and asked her to come out. Yvonne came out with her luggage and Jacob.

Adam put all her luggage in the car and looked at her pale face. "Go back with me first."

"Okay." Yvonne nodded and saw Noel's car coming.

Noel got off the car and looked at Adam. Noel went over and held Yvonne's hand. "What's wrong?"

"Dad." Little Jacob held his father's legs. Jacob didn't know what had happened to his mother. Why did his mother suddenly took him back and wanted to take him to see his uncle?

"What happened?" Noel looked at Yvonne and asked, "Because of what happened today?"

Yvonne held Noel's hand and said, "Noel, I think I'd better live with Adam for a while. As for your mother, I don't want you to have a fight with her because of me. Besides, I can't stay here all the time." Yvonne looked at Noel and begged, "I will come back after you solve this matter. Major Janet is here. She can protect me."

Looking at Yvonne, Janet thought, 'This woman set me up in such a short time, she is really...'

Leaning against the car, Adam clicked his tongue. Sure enough, Yvonne was his sister. Yvonne was smart enough to figure out everything in such a short time.

Noel looked at his wife and asked, "Are you sure?" Although Noel didn't want

stood up and went to the kitchen. Leaning against the kitchen door, Janet said, "Mr. Adam, you're good at cooking must because of the girl upstairs, aren't you? If you give up such a good opportunity, you won't have a chance in the future."

With a snort, Adam put the radish into the pot and boiled it. He turned around and looked at her. "Major Janet, you are doing this to drive me away, even at the cost of your captain's wife."

"If I can drive you away, there is no difference about methods I used." Janet seemed to have no interest in continuing, turned around and was about to leave.

Adam pulled her back with one hand and pressed her directly on the fridge. "Woman, why do I feel that you are angry?"

"Angry?" Janet looked at him with amusement, "You are too narcissistic." Would she be angry for this man?

Adam smiled, lowered his head and slowly approached her. "Janet, in fact, we are the same kind of people, aren't we?"

"Well, Mr. Adam overestimates me." They were not same. Janet thought that she was normal.

Adam lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. He asked in a low voice, "Major Janet, do you fall in love with me?"

"Bah!" Janet pushed Adam away and wiped her lips, "Adam, just you? Can I have a crush on you?" Then Janet turned around and left the kitchen.

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