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   Chapter 125 You Like Me (Part One)

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"Mrs. Yvonne." The guard called. Since Yvonne had gone out, he had no choice but to call Noel.

After answering the phone, Noel ran out. Why didn't Yvonne listen to him? He went to the gate and looked outside. Then he turned around and went out after taking a look at the guard.

Yvonne went to a fruit store nearby, found the mango that her mother-in-law wanted to eat, and handed over the money. She looked up at the sky, hoping that she could go back slowly, so that she could face her mother-in-law less time.

This area was originally remote. Yvonne was slowly swaying, but she didn't find anyone behind her. When Noel came out of the military camp, he saw her swaying. When he wanted to speak, he saw the people behind Yvonne. His eyes were slightly irritated. Before those people took action, Noel said, "Eve."

Yvonne raised her head and saw the man. She walked quickly to him and looked up at him with a smile. "Why are you out?"

"I've told you that you can't come out. Are you disobedient again?" Noel held her hand and walked in.

Yvonne was also helpless, "It's not me. Your mother said she wanted to eat mango, but there is no mango in the military camp, so I have to come out."

Noel took her in and looked back at her. "Did mother ask you to go?" As Noel said, his face darkened. He looked down at the mango in her hand and reached for it. "You go to my office first. I'll send this to mom."

"Okay." Yvonne was really happy. As long as she didn't need to go to see her mother-in-law, she wouldn't mind anything else.

Noel didn't go back home until he saw Yvonne go to his office. He wanted to see what his good mother was going to do?

When Helen received the call from Daryl, she was furious. "She went out, but you still couldn't catch her?"

When Noel pushed the door open, his mother suddenly turned around and saw her son. The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. She quickly put down the phone in her hand and asked, "No, Noel, why are you back?"

Noel threw t

a deep breath. Then she went back to sit on the sofa and looked at the ceiling. How could it be like this?

At the opening ceremony of the new movie, Adam held the woman beside him, not letting down the expectations of the reporters. He did all the intimate things with her. It proved the morning news that they actually lived together.

Looking at the angry woman in front of him, Adam calmly picked up his phone and asked, "Yvonne, what's wrong?" Hearing Yvonne's words, Adam held Janet's mischievous hands and said, "Wait a minute. I'll pick you up now."

Janet's face changed slightly. She looked at Adam and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Something happened to Yvonne. I'm going to pick her up." Adam said and left the set directly.

"Wait a minute." Ignoring the journalists' gaze, Janet followed Adam into the car and asked, "What's wrong with Yvonne?"

Adam didn't start the car until Janet sat down. "Yvonne's mother-in-law went to make trouble at her home and pushed Yvonne down the stairs. In addition, she has been in trouble recently, so I'll pick her up." Adam glanced at Janet and said, "It's a good chance to protect her with your strength."

Janet couldn't help but roll her eyes, "It's Noel's responsibility no matter what happened to Yvonne. You will make them quarrel with each other when you come to Yvonne."

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