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   Chapter 124 Fruits (Part Two)

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Yvonne pursed her lips and said, "It's dangerous to do things for you. Janet is abandoned by you like this?" Yvonne said with contempt.

Noel raised his head and glanced at her. Though he didn't mean anything, Yvonne was cold all over. She'd better keep silent, or else she would be in trouble.

After breakfast, Noel took out another breakfast and handed it to Yvonne, "Now it's time that the party and the country need you. Go home and take the breakfast with you."

Yvonne lowered her head helplessly. She wanted to say no, but she couldn't. She couldn't hide here all day long. Besides, her son had to go to school today, so Jacob couldn't stay at home with her.

Taking a deep breath, Yvonne took the lunch box and looked up at Noel, "I'm leaving, but I'm not sure whether your mother can eat it."

"We can't decide whether her eats or not. Just be careful not to let her throw the food on you." Noel said worriedly. If he didn't need to go to the training ground later, he would go to send the breakfast to his mother himself.

Yvonne nodded. Although she didn't think it was a good idea, she still had to do it. After all, Helen was her mother-in-law. "Okay, I'll go. Will you go home at noon?" Yvonne asked cautiously.

"Yes, I will go back." Noel took her and her son out. He didn't need to worry about his son since there was someone to send his son to school.

After watching her son leave, Yvonne walked towards the family residence.

When Yvonne returned home, it was quiet. She walked in carefully, probably because her mother-in-law hadn't got up yet.

"Why do you behave like a thief when you come home?" When Helen came out of the bathroom, she felt Yvonne was an eyesore.

Yvonne smiled awkwardly and put the breakfast on the table. "Mom, you can have breakfast."

"As for the bathroom, it's so dirty." Helen's face was full of disgust.

Yvonne's smile became more difficult to maintain. She stood at the table and took out the dishes. This house was an old house, and Noel had cleaned the bathroom many times, but it was not as clean as the villa.

went to the supermarket to buy some fruits before going home. Yvonne opened the door and said, "Mom."

"Why did you come back so soon?" Helen was surprised to see her. Didn't Yvonne go out?

"Ah!" Yvonne took the grapes and the apples to the kitchen and washed them for Helen. "Mom, there is a supermarket not far downstairs."

Hearing Yvonne's words, Helen was a little upset. When Yvonne took the fruit out, she lowered her head and said, "You don't know that I don't eat grapes. I want to eat mango."

"Mango?" Yvonne repeated in a low voice, "But mom, they don't sell mango here." Yvonne said. She didn't find mango when she went there just now.

"Can't you go out to buy it for me?" Helen directly overturned the washed grapes to the ground.

Yvonne exhaled, clenched and loosened her hands. She lowered her head and picked up the grapes on the ground. "Okay, I'll go out to buy them now." Yvonne put the plate on the table and then got up to go out.

Yvonne went downstairs, looked upstairs, sighed slightly and walked outside. Looking from upstairs, Helen's eyes were full of a smile of triumph.

When Yvonne reached the door, she was stopped by the guard before she went out. "Mrs. Yvonne, Captain Noel said that you can't go out these days."

"I'm going to buy something. I'll be back soon." Said Yvonne. She didn't notice that someone was waiting for her outside.

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