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   Chapter 70 A Strange Birthday (Part Two)

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Looking up at him, Karen bit her lips tightly and said, "I have liked you." She knew that the feeling was not like, but more intense than like. Otherwise, she would not give birth to his daughter, nor would she come to him and ask him to go back before they were about to take action.

A glimmer of light flashed in Frank's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. It was enough for him to hear this words of her. He let go of Karen and said, "Karen, go back and tell Bill not to do useless work. If he is not the one you love, I won't be soft hearted because he is my brother." For the sake of Karen, Frank broke the only calm in his life and made the mistake of more than twenty years. Now, it was time for him to let everything return to normal.

Seeing him sitting back on the cane chair, Karen went over and slapped him in the face. "Wake up, Frank. Even for our daughter, are you going to destroy her?"

Frank looked up at her. It was rare that Karen still had their daughter in her heart. "Yvonne must be very happy to know that you have her in your heart. Next time when you have time, ask Yvonne out. Let's have dinner!" He was still very calm, as if the slap was not a slap.

Karen felt that she was going to be driven crazy by him. No matter what she said, this man was always the same, just like in the past, always looking at her with love.

Looking at her receding figure, the calmness on Frank's face finally turned into bitterness. Finally, he closed his eyes and reached out to take the phone. "Yvonne, come to have a meal with Dad!"

Holding the phone in her hand, Yvonne was still in a daze. Looking at Noel, who had picked up her son, she asked Noel, "my father wants to have dinner with me?" Her father was really strange recently.

Raising his eyebrows, Noel took off his son's schoolbag full of snacks and said, "Perhaps he goes bankrupt. He has nothing to do."

"Do I need to go?" She thought that Ashley and Ashley's mother must have left. She knew the two too well, but her father was hers, so she couldn't leave her father alone.

Seeing that his son ran to the fridge to get some dri

od meal together. Yvonne, your mother is wrong. You are also her daughter. Today is the day of your mother's suffering twenty-four years ago, so at least don't be angry with her today." On the child's birthday and it was the mother's suffering day, only those who had been mothers knew how bitter it was. And as a mother, Yvonne looked at her mother with some other feelings.

The three of them sat at the table decades ago. Frank went to get a glass of red wine and said, "My daughter is already twenty-four. We missed her birthdays before. I don't know how many birthdays I can celebrate with you in the future."

It was the first time that Yvonne had seen her father like this in these years. Her eyes were a little sore. "Dad, why do you say that?" It sounded like her father would leave tomorrow. Yvonne felt terrible.

Karen also looked at him. Had he decided to take action?

"I won't talk about this. Yvonne, tell Noel about your wedding. Hold it as soon as possible!" He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to attend it if they held it later.

"Frank." Yvonne didn't understand what he meant, but Karen knew that he was going to take action after his daughter's wedding.

However, Frank interrupted Karen, "Today is Yvonne's birthday. Let's just talk about Yvonne's childhood!" He didn't want to talk about this question with Karen now, and he didn't want his daughter to find out anything.

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