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   Chapter 69 A Strange Birthday (Part One)

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In the end, Timothy had to take them to the amusement park. Although he was very reluctant and didn't look well all the way, it was obvious that little Jacob and Emma began to be happy because they were mistaken as a family.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Yvonne had already taken a nap, but her son and Timothy hadn't come back yet. Leaning against the headboard of the bed, Noel was reading a book, she pushed Noel and said, "Call them and ask why they haven't come back yet!"

Noel held her in his arms with one hand and continued reading. There was no emotion fluctuation in his good-looking eyes. "Why are you in a hurry? They arrived at 2 o'clock. Even if they came back at three o'clock, they can't reach home now." Besides, he believes in his son's fighting ability. Jacob wouldn't come back so soon. He will definitely create opportunities for Timothy and Emma.

Yvonne blinked her eyes and almost forgot that it was almost two hours from here to the city. That was normal. But when her son was not at home and not in the family residence, she felt something missing. Although Noel had been with her, Noel was different from her son.

Noticing that the woman in his arms was absent-minded, Noel lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. "What are you thinking about?"

"I miss my son." Well, she really missed her son, although they hadn't seen each other for only a few hours.

Noel was speechless. Was his wife seriously striking his charm? He was with her, but she was still missing her son.

Obviously, Yvonne didn't know that she had offended the person beside her. She continued, "My son seldom leaves me far. I miss him so much."

Noel lowered his head and bit her lips as if he was punishing her. Yvonne whispered, but she didn't refuse him. Instead, she let him kiss her as he liked.

Noel didn't want to let her go, but his phone kept ringing. He reached for it and answered it without looking at it. "Hello..." The person ruined the good thing of him so that he wouldn't be nice to the person.

With a red face, Yvonne leaned against his chest. She wanted to tell him that it was her phone, but he didn't give her the

u can't go back, neither can he, let alone me. What's more, I've only made Yvonne suffer!"

"Frank Ye!" Karen shouted in a low voice, as long as he could let go of what he was doing now, he could go back. "Just go back. What can you get from working for them?" Those people were all ruthless devils that they killed people without blinking their eyes. She didn't even understand why Frank was involved with them.

"Go back?" Frank suddenly looked back at her. They hadn't seen each other for more than ten years, but she was still beautiful. "Can I see you again like this if I go back?" Could he go back now?

"Where is the factory? As long as you say it now, it's not too late." Said Karen anxiously, holding his wrist.

"Actually." Frank suddenly asked, touching her pale face, "Karen, have you ever liked me?"

Karen thought that he could tell her the place, but she didn't expect him to ask her this question. She looked up at the man and looked into his deep eyes. Had she liked him? Karen looked back at the house. It hadn't changed for more than ten years. Every time she went out, he would wait for her and their daughter downstairs. He would say that his little princess was so beautiful today, then he would hug her and kiss her, and said that his wife was so beautiful. That was the happiest period of Karen's life.

Looking at her eyes, Frank suddenly pulled her into his arms and said, "Karen, answer my question."

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