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   Chapter 68 The Role Of Jacob (Part Two)

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Noel went over and looked down at his wife who didn't know what to do. "Are you going out?" If she wanted to go out, he didn't know why she wanted to see Timothy.

Yvonne rolled her eyes. Her son called the wrong person!

Seeing his wife like this, Noel slapped her on the forehead and said, "Your arm is still injured. Why are you running around?"

Yvonne didn't want to go out. She thought it was not good to let Emma be like this. Looking at them, Yvonne suddenly said, "It's not me. It's Jacob who said he wanted to play with his godmother."

In an instant, Jacob's mouth turned into an O shape. Did he say it? Did he really say it? 'Mom, is it really appropriate for you to do so?'

Noel looked down at his son who was betrayed by his mother and Noel touched his son's little head sympathetically. He knew what his wife was thinking about. "In that case, Timothy, send Jacob there!"

In this way, little Jacob was sold out by his parents. He looked at his parents with disdain. 'Do you think Uncle Timothy is a fool?

Timothy looked down at little poor Jacob and touched his head. "Okay."

Yvonne suddenly raised her head and said, "Thank you, Timothy. Jacob knows where Emma is. Just let him lead the way!"

Jacob sighed. Well, Uncle Timothy actually agreed. He would go there for the happiness of his godmother.

"Timothy?" After they left, Noel lowered his head and pondered on the name. Since when his wife and Timothy had such a good relationship? His wife used to call Timothy Captain Timothy.

Yvonne raised her head and looked at Noel as if nothing was wrong. Was it wrong that she called him Timothy? Should she call him Timothy brother? Although he was older than her.

Noel looked at his watch and said, "Let's go for a walk."

"Aren't you busy?" Yvonne hurried to follow him. Was this her benefit?

"You have sent our son away. I want to take you to a world of us." Noel teased his wife calmly.

Yvonne was embarrassed. She didn't send her son away for the world of them two. If Noel didn't come, she would go with his son.

But she was happy that he had time

Timothy had succeeded in hiding from her this time.

Sitting opposite her, Timothy looked at the smiling woman and nodded impolitely, admitting that he was indeed hiding from her.

Unexpectedly, Emma didn't get angry but looked at him happily, "So I still have influence on you?" If not, why did he hide from her? Thinking of this, Emma felt much better. "Hey, Timothy, haven't you dodged anyone before?"

Timothy picked up the glass of water on the table, glanced at her, and said indifferently, "I just don't beat women!" If she were a man, he would have beaten her up.

"I don't care what it is for. I just want to say that I really have an impact on you!" As she spoke, she looked down at Jacob, who was eating hard, and said, "I will take you to the amusement park?"

Little Jacob was speechless. 'Godmother, do you really think that Uncle Timothy will like the place like amusement park?' But today's task for him was to create opportunities for his godmother and Uncle Timothy, so little Jacob still said happily, "Okay."

As expected, Timothy frowned. In his memory, the amusement park was the kind of place that only children would go. He looked down at Jacob, hoping that Jacob could change his mind. Jacob really wanted to say that he didn't want to go, but thinking of his own role, he said with a smile, "Uncle Timothy, let's go together!" Jacob was really a qualified Godson!

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