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   Chapter 61 The Devil Uncle (Part One)

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The breakfast had been put on the table. Little Jacob had a crazy time yesterday, and now he was still sleeping. There was simple millet porridge, pickles, and bun. After washing, Yvonne ate happily.

She was happy for a reason. Her son hadn't woken up yet, which meant that he couldn't wake up for a long time. So she could learn to cook in the kitchen.

After breakfast, she washed out the bowls and chopsticks and left the food on the table for her son. She would heat them for him when he woke up.

When she arrived at the kitchen, she found that the fridge had been filled up by Noel. She didn't know why he had so much time. She took out some food materials and clumsily picked up the kitchen knife. She had seen them cutting vegetable, it shouldn't be difficult. How to cut cabbages? Maybe from the middle. Thinking of this, Yvonne put down the knife but she didn't hold the cabbages, the cabbages which had been chopped, fell down on the ground. She screamed and put down the knife in a hurry, bent down to pick up the chopped cabbages.

But when she picked up that piece, she was so flustered that she didn't know what to do. She went over and took a basket. That was good. She snorted and thought, 'Cabbages even dare to fight with me!'

After chopping the cabbages from the middle, she continued to think about the remaining steps. She kept chopping the cabbages in the middle every time. It took her more than an hour to finish chopping such a small cabbages. She had a sense of accomplishment for her to put all the cabbages into the basin. But she didn't expect that before she finished this step with proud, the basin was not placed well, and the water and cabbages in it all poured out and fell to the ground. The pot hit the ground with a loud sound and echo.

Hearing the noise, little Jacob ran out in a hurry. When Noel came back home, he heard the sound. He walked in quickly and asked, "What's wrong?"

Yvonne was jumping in the kitchen to avoid the water on the ground. Hearing the sound, she took a step back. When she touched the table, all the knives on it fell down.

Noel pulled her out with on

ally busy. I will be here with you!"

Jake's eyes were red and tears fell down at once. His Uncle Timothy was not his father. How could Uncle Timothy accompany them? His little hand still grabbed his father's clothes and didn't let him go. "Father..."

It was the first time that Noel knew that there was a kind of tear. Once it fell, it was like sulfuric acid falling into a person's heart. He pulled his son into his arms and said, "Four hours, just four hours. Dad will come back after four o'clock, okay?"

Little Jacob sniffed, but didn't cry. At last, he nodded with sobs and reached out his little hand to shake hands with his father. Hugging his son's little hand, Noel kissed his little face and said, "Good boy, I'll be back before four o'clock."

After Noel left, Timothy put one of his hands on Jacob's shoulders, squatted down and wiped his tears. "A man can't cry."

"Uncle Timothy, why are you all so busy?" Couldn't his father ask for a leave for a while? His godmother asked for a leave for him and his mother before.

Timothy held Jacob up and sat down on the chair beside the bed, "Because everyone has their own mission. We don't have a real holiday on the road we chose, because the disaster won't tell you when it will come."

Jacob sniffed and nodded, "I see." His father was a hero, so his father had been busy preventing the disaster from coming. He wanted to be proud of his father.

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