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   Chapter 60 Good Son (Part Two)

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Yvonne was stunned by the kiss, and so was little Jacob. When did Noel reveal his emotions like this? "Dad, you surrender?" Jacob hadn't done anything yet?

"Yes, I surrender. You are so awesome!" As Noel spoke, he couldn't help kissing his son on the face again. He turned around and looked at the hostage who was still in a daze. "You are released but you are still in a daze."

Because of this, Yvonne obviously didn't expect that Noel's mood fluctuated. After his son slept, he was still watching his son by the bed, unwilling to go to bed. Yvonne covered her son with a small quilt, and her hand was suddenly held. She looked up at Noel.

The excitement on his face had calmed down. Holding her hand in one hand, Noel said gratefully, "Eve, you gave me a good son and taught a good son."

Yvonne couldn't help but roll her eyes. She had heard enough. He had said it hundreds of times.

"Stay with your good son. I'm going to bed." She would go crazy if she stayed with him any longer, but she was picked up before she took a few steps. She called in a low voice and looked at him with a red face. "What are you doing?"

Noel held her in his arms and went out. He raised his eyebrows slightly, as if he was saying, "What do you think". He didn't make love with her for a long time, and it was after they got married, he felt aggrieved.

Yvonne was innocent. It had nothing to do with her. He was busy, not her. How could he blame her?

In the end, Timothy returned to the camps. He looked up at the lights off on the third floor and couldn't tell his feelings. He sighed and went upstairs.

When Charles came back, he saw Timothy sighing. Charles quickly followed him and asked, "Timothy, what are you doing?" Timothy had never sighed.

Timothy looked back at him and said, "Nothing. Have you dealt with the crocodiles matter?" He remembered that Charles had been dealing with this matter in the past two days.

"Almost done. I think the zoo needs improvement. What were you looking at just now?" Timothy

she was shocked. "Your birthday is the day after tomorrow!" As she spoke, she jumped up.

Looking at the silly woman in front of him, didn't she know that she was naked and she just wandered in front of him? How could he bear it? He pulled her down and directly pressed her under him. "Give me the gift first!"

"What gift..." Before she could finish her words, she was eaten up by him as a gift.

In a daze, Yvonne felt that she couldn't get up tomorrow. Why was he suddenly not busy? She preferred when he was busy. At least her waist could be saved.

In the early morning at the seaside villa, the dim light of the computer reflected on the face of Adam, with a little ghost color.

Looking at the data on the computer, Adam cupped his chin with both hands and said in a low voice, "We have found the capital injection account." He didn't expect that Frank would use the money so urgently, which really provided them a chance.

Yvonne didn't sleep well at night. Noel had woken up several times, but she had nightmares all the time. He called her several times but she didn't wake up. He just wiped the sweat on her forehead and didn't know what she was dreaming.

When Yvonne woke up on the second day, there was no sound of Noel by her side. She got up weakly. She couldn't let him do this in the future, or she would have to die.

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