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   Chapter 57 An Opportunity (Part One)

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Daryl's face turned red when she heard Adam's words. She turned around and looked at the man, his contempt in his eyes made her scared. But when she thought that there was still Yvonne in front of her, she immediately raised her head and straightened her chest. "I'm just telling the truth. Mrs. Yvonne just relies on her child..."

"Major Daryl has said the same words two times in a row. Does Major Daryl have only one explanation?" Adam continued in a cold voice. He walked to Yvonne and looked down at her. He reached out his hand to touch her head and said, "Little fool, you are always bullied."

"It's none of your business!" Yvonne snorted and decided to leave with her son. No matter how they quarreled, it had nothing to do with her.

'Little heartless!' Adam cried in his heart sadly. When little Jacob walked to the side of Daryl, he suddenly lifted his little foot and kicked her on the leg. Daryl screamed and took a step back. This little boy was so strong.

With his arms crossed over his chest, little Jacob looked at Daryl as if it was a matter of course. "Aunt, you are in my way. Didn't you hear that mom and I were leaving?" Don't you know what is 'a good dog doesn't block the way' in this world?"

"You..." Looking at little Jacob, Daryl couldn't beat or scold the child on the spot, so she could only give him two cold eyes with resentment.

"What do you want to say? Don't you know that a good dog doesn't block the way?" If Daryl dared to bully his mother, he, Jacob, would not be so easy to bully.

Hearing that, Adam burst into laughter. He lowered his head and pinched Jacob's chubby face. "That's right. I think some people just don't know that a good dog doesn't block the way."

The two of them echoed each other, making Daryl embarrassed. Yvonne lowered her head and kept silent. She was not the heroine of a love story with a good heart. She was not so kind-hearted, so she kept a state of ignorance and continued to watch the drama here.

"Yvonne, do you really know him?" Daryl calmed herself down and turned to look at Yvonne

nning, and finally left.

Daryl just wanted to humiliate Yvonne, but she didn't expect this to happen. She pulled the hat in her hand. 'Yvonne! It's all about Yvonne, and everyone helps her.'

On the way back, Yvonne was playing games with her son in her arms. On the way back, Noel glanced at her from time to time, first, second, third, and then Yvonne began to shrink her neck. She didn't do anything wrong. Why did he keep looking at her like this? It was very frightening, okay.

Sensing his mother's difference, little Jacob tilted his head and looked at his father who was driving in the front. "Dad, let's go to KFC!" Jacob said excitedly. He had come to the city, and he would regret if he didn't have a meal.

KFC and junk food were absolutely equal in Noel's heart. He looked at his son with disdain and said, "Son, can't you have a little pursuit?" KFC, look at his son's pursuit.

"Dad, as a child less than four or five years old, this is a normal pursuit for me. Do you want me to be normal?" Little Jacob put his arms around his father's neck and argued strongly that he was a normal child.

Noel smiled this time, but he still didn't intend to let go of his son. "Son, do you think it's normal for you to say this word "normal"? Does it feel right?"

Little Jacob curled his lips and looked back at his mother pitifully. "Mom, dad said I was abnormal."

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