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   Chapter 56 Decision (Part Two)

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When they arrived at the foundation, Timothy still had to go to the hospital. Yvonne entered the foundation with her son, and little Jacob followed her mother. He looked up at his mother and said, "Don't you think you should call godmother?" It was such a good opportunity. Yvonne would lose it if she didn't use it.

Yvonne looked back at the place where Timothy disappeared, and then looked at her son. It seemed that she could make a phone call.

Yvonne quickly called Emma and told her that Timothy had gone to the hospital now. If she wanted to block him, she should go to the hospital.

The amount of the fund was beyond Yvonne's expectation, and she was more determined to return the money to her father. She didn't need the money, especially such a large amount.

In Adam's office, he leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed. His secretary had been standing in front of him, as if the president hadn't spoken since he told the president about Miss Yvonne's whereabouts.

After nearly a century of silence, Adam finally opened his eyes and said, "You can leave now!" He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. His master's wife was right. The biggest variable in this step was Yvonne, but now it proved that Yvonne had become the biggest variable.

He reached out and picked up the phone on the table. He thought that even if he didn't call her at this time, his master's wife would know it. No one knew her daughter better than her.

After receiving the phone call from Adam, Karen had already received a call from the foundation. She threw her phone on the table and looked at the sky outside. The man behind her put one hand on her shoulder and said, "The money was left for the rest of Yvonne's life. Whatever she wants to do, it's her freedom." Under the moonlight, the man's face slowly revealed. His face was the same as that of Frank's. There was a resolute expression on his face, which was different from that of Frank.

Karen reached out her hand and put it on his hot hand which was put on her shoulder, she lea

I'm fine. Let's go home!" Yvonne touched his little face and held his hand. It was good that her father took the money.

The mother and son walked out of the cafe and were about to take a taxi back to the army base, but they met Daryl who was driving over at the door. Daryl rolled down the window in the car and looked at the mother and son with a cold snort. "Oh, it's Mrs. Yvonne. What a coincidence?" Daryl said and opened the door.

Yvonne took a step back with Jacob and she didn't want to stand still here for a while and said, "Major Daryl." After greeting her, Yvonne took her son around the car and wanted to leave.

Daryl didn't intend to let them go. She had long wanted to meet this woman alone. How could she let such a good opportunity go?

"Mrs. Yvonne, what are you going to do? Doesn't Noel have time to go out with you?" Daryl's voice was mean.

"It's really eye opening for Major Daryl to bully a mother and son in public." A cold voice came out of the car. When the car suddenly stopped, a man in a suit of casual clothes came out, with unremitting and contempt on his delicate face.

Yvonne raised her head and saw that Adam took off his sunglasses. He was the only one who liked to do such things. Yvonne looked down at her son who was about to lose his temper like a little lion and said, "We're going home. Dad is waiting for us."

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