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   Chapter 40 Work Hard (Part Two)

My Mommy Wins Her Captain Husband Back By Chen Ziluo Characters: 6824

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When Charles turned around, he saw Noel. After greeting Yvonne, Charles pulled Noel aside and said, "Viper has disappeared."

"Disappear?" Noel looked at Charles and Noel could not believe that Charles could not find a person.

"Yes, he disappeared. The only thing I can be sure is that he didn't leave here, but any trace of him is gone." This was the strangest thing of Viper.

Noel's face became serious, "Suddenly disappeared?"

"Yes, I think Viper has another identity in C City." When Charles was in a meeting, he passed by here and figured it out in the car.

Another identity? Noel turned around and looked at the mother and son playing at the door. Adam appeared in C City at this time, and Viper kidnapped Yvonne yesterday. Was it a coincidence?

When the two of them walked over, the door of the car was opened by Charles. "Sister-in-law, I will go first. I'll treat you to dinner when you back." He glanced at Noel again, got in the car and left.

Yvonne smiled slightly, watching him leave, and then looked at Noel. Although she was curious about what they were talking about, she didn't ask anything. She held Jacob's hand and said, "Let's go."

After playing for a day, little Jacob went to bed not long after he returned. Today was the day of Noel's day off, so he had time to accompany them.

There were only two people left in the room after little Jacob fell asleep. Yvonne had been standing by the bed with her head down. Noel snorted and pulled her out. He locked the door of the office to prevent anyone from coming in. "The black bracelet?"

Yvonne scratched her head and said, "I swear Jacob's bracelet has nothing to do with Adam. It was Emma who bought it for Jacob."

Noel sneered and sat on the sofa. He waved at Yvonne, who had no choice but to go over and be held on his legs. Noel looked at her and asked, "Who is Adam?"

Yvonne lowered her head, as if thinking about how to answer this question. "He was my neighbor. When I was a child, he was very good to me. My mother was still there at t

hands, thought for a while, and turned to look at Noel, who was about to go out. "Will you come back tonight?"

"Yes, I should be back. If I am late, you can go to bed first. I'll ask someone to bring the dinner here!" He said and left.

Yvonne looked at this house which was not very big, but it was also her home. She called Emma and said that she wanted to learn cooking and housework. After all, she couldn't always let others bring food to her.

"What?" Emma couldn't stay calm after hearing her words. "Sister, could you please spare the kitchen? You don't know what you are doing. Although the kitchen belongs to the army and you don't spend money on this, it's also a house... "

Yvonne was speechless. Why didn't Emma believe her? Looking at the small kitchen, she thought she could cook.

"Emma, is it really good for you to strike me like this?" Yvonne said in a low voice, "I'm serious. I really want to learn."

"Well, you want to learn, although you want to learn, I can't do it either!" It was true that Emma was the pure rich family's daughter. There were two daughters in Qiao family. The eldest daughter was a flower in the legal world of the military region, and the younger daughter was still studying for a doctor's degree abroad. They didn't need to do the things like cooking, cleaning. So Emma could not take care of herself.

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