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   Chapter 39 Work Hard (Part One)

My Mommy Wins Her Captain Husband Back By Chen Ziluo Characters: 7075

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Yvonne did go there, but she was irritated, because Noel said lightly to her, "If you don't feel guilty, why do you dare not to go?"

Of course, Noel also went with them on the excuse of taking his son to eat seafood. Noel said that he wouldn't disturb them. They can do their own business and he would eat with his son.

But when Noel saw the man, he forgot that he had said that he wouldn't disturb them. He had only heard of Adam, and it seemed that few people had seen Adam. Today was the first time he had seen Adam, and Adam was very handsome that he could compete with Charles.

The reason why Noel paid attention to Adam was because of the mission, but it turned out that this man was a well-known philanthropist who started from scratch.

It seemed that Adam was not surprised to see Noel. After all, Noel was Yvonne's husband now. If he dared to show up, he was not afraid that Noel could see something. Adam remembered that his master had said that the most successful time for a person was when you were evil, but let the whole world know that you were a good person.

Looking at the woman beside Noel, Adam touched her head and said, "My little girl." His voice was deep and pleasant to hear, with affection that others could not ignore.

"Don't touch me!" Yvonne pushed his hand away and glared at him. How she wished she could eat him up like this.

Noel pulled her to his side. After everyone sat down, the waiter began to serve the dishes, which were seafood and two huge lobsters.

"Captain Noel, don't you think our Yvonne is worth a wedding?" As Adam spoke, his gentle voice finally added another mean. He raised his head and looked at Noel.

This sentence was really awkward for her. She waved at the waiter and ordered several dishes, including tomato and egg soup. Both of the mother and son liked that. After the waiter looked at them curiously and left, Noel said lightly, "I think Mr. Adam has left for too long. Eve doesn't eat seafood for a long time." Adam wore a black bracelet, and his son always wore a black bracelet. Noel turned around and looked at Yvonne. It was best

for many years. At first, it was because of Adam, and then because she didn't have money, she no longer had feelings for it.

Adam just looked at her, but didn't say anything. He told her about the release, but was directly refused by Yvonne. However, Adam was not angry at all. He said with a smile, "Girl, you should know that I'm just here to tell you." He said and sighed deliberately. How could she not learn?

Yvonne raised her head and stared at him, but Adam didn't care at all. Adam was lazy all the time, which made Noel feel the most annoying. This was an opponent who didn't take the initiative to attack. If he didn't take the initiative, Noel wouldn't be able to find a breakthrough point.

Noel didn't look good on the way back, and Yvonne didn't dare to say anything. It was not her fault. Her son's bracelet really had nothing to do with Adam.

Sitting in his mother's arms, little Jacob was eating the ice cream bought by his father. He looked at his father and then at his mother. He pursed his lips and looked at his mother sadly. Did he wear the bracelet really because of his uncle?

Yvonne's eyes kept looking around and she didn't know how to explain it, though it had nothing to do with her.

The car arrived at the door of the military camp. Before Noel got out of the car, he saw Charles getting off his car. He opened the door and walked towards Charles said, "Charles."

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