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   Chapter 38 Adam Mo

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Looking at her son and such an operator, Yvonne didn't think her book was so good to be treated like this. At least, her click rate and reservation were not as high as the awesome authors. Although she was not a failure, she was still one hundred and eight thousand miles away from the awesome authors.

Jacob also frowned and looked at his mother at the same time. Were those missed calls from that operator?

When the mother and son were looking at each other, the phone rang again. It was still the same number. Yvonne looked at her son and asked, "Answer it?"

Little Jacob touched his chin and he was a little familiar with his father. He nodded at his mother and said, "Answer it."

Yvonne nodded and answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Yvo... Yvonne? " The person on the other end of the line didn't expect Yvonne to answer the phone. After all, he had called her so many times, but she didn't answer.

Yvonne asked, "Who are you?"

"Adam Mo!"

When the person on the other end of the line spoke, Yvonne suddenly raised her head, as if she didn't believe what she had heard. Her fingertips were slightly pale, and her mouth was open, but she didn't say a word. Finally, she hung up the phone with a snap.

Little Jacob was confused and looked at his mother. What happened? It was obvious that she was angry, and it was different from when she quarreled with his father.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Adam Mo smiled slightly. The little girl was still as bad tempered as before. She would do nothing but ignore others.

"Mr. Adam, as I said before, that book is really not suitable for film and television, nor is it suitable for being published." The chief editor of the content department put forward his idea again. He really didn't understand why his boss chose such a book to publish and film as soon as his boss came back.

Adam Mo nodded. Obviously, he also knew that maybe the press was just a reason for him to contact her, or maybe he wanted to reappear in her life in this way?

The chief editor was stunned. Did Mr. Adam mean to give up this book?

"So, it depends on your ability." There were so many editors here and sow could they not make a book publish? As Adam said, he didn't care about the chief editor's constipated face. He took his coat and stood up. "I hope you will tell me next time that this book is worth being published and adapted for film and television."

Looking at his mother's angry face, little Jacob didn't dare to say anything. He was wondering who the person on the other end of the phone, his aunt? It was impossible. Her mother wouldn't lower herself to the same level as that kind of stupid woman. It was impossible for her mother to hang up the phone directly and show such a bitter expression if that person was his aunt.

Adam Mo, how dare he come back? Yvonne remembered that her mother hadn't left at that time, and her father had been very good to her. The other thing that made her happy was Adam Mo, the elder brother who had been taking care of her, but he had disappeared with her mother, which had compl


"What?" Yvonne raised her head and looked at the box in his hand. Little Jacob giggled. He had known it that the box would be seen by his father if she just threw it in the trash can.

Jacob ate and said, "Is it a birthday gift from someone else to my mother, that someone has a crush on my mother?"

Noel raised his eyebrows. Did someone have a secret crush on his wife?

Yvonne threw a dagger eye at her son. When did her son begin to betray her? This annoying boy bowed his head and ate with chopsticks, keeping silent.

Noel didn't say anything, but put the box on the table. Since she had thrown it into the trash can, it meant that the original owner of the necklace was not so popular. He could solve this matter. He had just got married, but now someone had a secret crush on his wife. Was this woman really capable?

During the meal, the father and son were talking and laughing. Yvonne kept her head down and didn't say anything until her son betrayed her again.

"Dad, that uncle said he would treat mom to seafood tomorrow noon, but mom doesn't like seafood at all!"

Yvonne raised her head and looked at her son sadly. How could he betray her mother so thoroughly.

Little Jacob giggled. Since his mother didn't tell Noel, he would tell his father the truth. It was not a good habit to lie. This was given to him by his mother. He was a good child, wasn't he?

Noel raised his eyebrows and picked up some food for his son. He knew that Yvonne didn't eat seafood, but he didn't expect that there was still an old story. "Dad will take little Jacob to eat seafood tomorrow." Noel said lightly.

Jacob? Only Jacob! Instead of Jacob and his mother, why did Yvonne think that Noel was talking to her? She said in a low voice, "I didn't agree!" She didn't agree. Could it be her fault? Could it be, could it be?

Noel raised his head and glanced at her, "What? Are you going to take this necklace?" Noel's tone was definitely full of jealousy. Looking at the woman who had become a coward again, Noel snorted and began to eat.

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