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   Chapter 37 Phone Call

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Jacob ran over and jumped into his father's arms. He told his father everything. Looking at the woman who was still angry on the other side of the phone, Noel thought, 'This woman has a bad temper.'

Little Jacob didn't know what was wrong with his parents, but he could tell that his parents were quarreling. He covered his mouth with his little hands and snickered. Although his mother was usually very gentle, his mother was not the right person to be provoked when she was really stubborn.

Noel slapped his son's butt lightly and said, "Go and play by yourself." Noel thought it necessary to tell Yvonne the reason.

Jacob went to play in this house, and some of Noel's comrades in arms brought Jacob some toys from somewhere, so Jacob had a good time.

Yvonne looked at Noel coming over. Although her aura was a little strong, when it came to physical contact, she fully felt that compared with him, it was better for her to stay away from him!

When she was about to dodge, Noel strode over, grabbed her arm with one hand and pulled her into his arms. "Why are you dodging?" 'Aren't you hot tempered?'

Yvonne snorted and thought, 'Can't I be afraid of you? I don't know if you will kill me directly if you become ruthless.'

Looking at the angry woman who didn't dare to say anything, Noel held her in his arms and said, "Well, it's all my fault last night. I shouldn't have been angry with you. About..."


Before he could finish his words, the door of the office was opened. Yvonne pushed Noel away subconsciously. Noel's face changed slightly. Looking at the smiling woman at the door, he tried to suppress his anger and asked, "Major Daryl, what's your rule?" Don't you know that you need to call for a report to come in?

Daryl came in without hesitation. She glanced at Yvonne and snorted, "The office is for work. If you flirt with each other, you'd better change to another place!" What she saw just now was really dazzling. What's good about this woman? That woman was just an ordinary looking parasite without a job. What was that woman worth loving?

Yvonne's face turned red. She bit her lips and pushed away the big hand on her arm and then went into the lounge.

Seeing her leave, Daryl despised her even more. Yvonne had no ability at all.

Noel didn't stop Yvonne. He had already went through her stubborn. He turned around and sat down behind the desk. "What's the matter?"

Daryl walked to the table and put her hands on it. "I'll treat you to a meal." She said with a smile, not as arrogant as before.

Noel leaned against the back of the chair, crossed his hands over his chest and said, "What on earth are you going to do? After experiencing so many men, do you think it's interesting that you suddenly find out that I'm better?" He knew this woman well. If she was with Viper because of a mission at the beginning, then could he recognize that was her nature that she had made many boyfriends during her

oel sympathized with the man who was liked by Emma.

Yvonne pursed her lips. She had known it for a long time, but she still felt a little sad when she was suddenly put second place in Emma's heart.

Yvonne didn't finish her lunch, and the rest was eaten by Noel. Yvonne opened her mouth slightly. Wasn't he a neat freak?

Noel just looked up at her, and then looked at the sign which said wasted was shameless on the wall. Well, she was shameless. This matter didn't blame her. It was because there were too many dishes.

After lunch, Noel sent them to the downstairs of his office and asked them to go back by themselves and he still had some work to do. Yvonne frowned and said, "How about I take Jacob back?" Even if they went back to the army, it would be better for Noel work alone here than to take care of them while working.

Noel had always been serious outside. He glanced at her coldly and gave her two words, "You wish!" They just got married. Even if they didn't have a honeymoon, he had to accompany her as much as possible.

Yvonne held her son's hand. If it weren't for her fear that he would be tired, she wouldn't have proposed. This man was ungrateful. Yvonne turned around and went upstairs with her son.

Holding his mother's hand, little Jacob looked up at her and asked, "Mommy, when can we go back?" It was so boring to stay here. He preferred to train with Stanley.

"We can go back after your father finishes his work!" Yvonne said and took her son into his office. She hadn't finished her work yet today, so she had to finish it first.

Little Jacob was playing in his father's office. He reached out for his mother's phone and said, "Mommy, message." Then he handed the phone to his mother.

Her mother picked it up, but there were still missed calls. She frowned after reading the message.

"Yvonne, I didn't persuade that man. He asked for your phone number. He wanted you to speak to him so that I gave him your phone number!

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