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   Chapter 36 Refusal

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Yvonne lowered her head and walked towards Noel slowly, with his phone in her hand. When she walked to him, she handed the phone to him and said in a muffled voice, "Your phone is ringing all the time!" Then she went back to her room. She knew he was excellent and she knew she didn't deserve him. But why did she still feel sad when a woman who could match him appeared?

Noel looked down at his cell phone and saw her go back to her room. He raised his eyebrows slightly. He didn't seem to say anything wrong just now. Every word he had said was on her side. What happened?

He walked into the room with his phone in his hand and looked at the woman lying on the bed with her back to him. He sat on the ground, took a look at the caller ID and directly threw the phone on the table. It was his mother, he didn't want to answer it. Anyway, there were just the same few words. He guessed that his mother must be bored in the middle of the night again, so she called him.

Sitting on the quilt on the ground, he put his hand on her shoulder and asked, "What's wrong?"

When he touched her, Yvonne trembled slightly, but she quickly calmed down. She patted her son's little body with one hand and said lightly, "I think Major Daryl is very awesome!" A woman who could make such a man took her as an enemy must have her own merits. If she could talk to Noel like that, it meant that she had the strength to be arrogant. Yvonne didn't have all these.

Noel's breath sprayed on her shoulder, "Do you think all this has anything to do with us?" She had thought a lot, but what did it matter?

Well, Yvonne didn't know how to answer his question. Did it have anything to do with them? Of course, there was such an obvious contrast. Everyone knew how to choose. She suddenly felt that maybe they got the marriage certificate too fast, or maybe he just wanted to take responsibility?

Noel lifted her up from the bed and put her on his legs. "What do you want to say? She is better than you, so you should be generous to give me to her?" His voice was full of anger. If this woman dared to say yes, he would dare to directly strangle her.

Yvonne was not a fool. She could feel his anger, so she was a little angry for a moment. She said in a low voice, "What right do I have to give you to her?"

"Yvonne Ye!" Noel gnashed his teeth and pinched her waist. What right did she have? She was his wife. If she didn't have the right, who else in the world had the right.

"Ouch!" Yvonne gritted her teeth and said. He must have done it on purpose. Didn't he know how strong he was?

Noel snorted, "You still know it hurts. I really want to kill you sometimes!" Didn't she understand? When he married her, he had put his love in her hands, but this woman still wanted to push him out. It was really annoying.

Yvonne looked up at him, he was with a ferocious look on his handsome face. She believed that what Noel said was absolutely real. She lowered her head like an ostrich, with anger in her chest. She felt uncomforta

with them tomorrow.

Yvonne called Ghost, who called her early and had a bad temper. Ghost was also curious, but said that the operator knew Yvonne was here, so he wanted to talk to Yvonne. Yvonne still felt something was wrong, but she couldn't tell what was wrong. Yvonne looked at her son and said, "Ghost, just let it go. Jacob is going to eat me!"

"Oh my God! You don't even want the money anymore. Don't you have to raise the baby? What a good chance!" Ghosts shouted over there. She had never been less angry today.

"I..." The key point was that now the child was raised by his father, and she could support herself with full attendance. "But Ghost, I'm married!" So Ghost understood.


Yvonne put the phone away and listened to the scolding on the other end of the line. She really didn't intend to lie to Ghost. She didn't open her mouth because there were too many things yesterday.

"Which unlucky guy took you?" Although Ghost cursed, she still hoped that someone could take care of Yvonne.

"He is the father of Jacob. I can't explain it to you in one or two words. I'll tell you on QQ." As Yvonne said, her son gave her a symbol of "X". She knew that Emma didn't have time tomorrow, so she could only say, "Ghost, forget it. I know that the ultimate goal of an author is to publish her novel through a film and TV series, but not mine."

"Okay. You have someone to take care of you. I don't need to worry that you'll starve Jacob to death. Don't forget to tell me about it later!" The person on the other end of the line was much better tempered. Ghost really did it for the good of Yvonne. As long as Yvonne was good, Ghost would not force her to do anything.

After hanging up the phone, little Jacob gave his mother a thumbs up. What she did was right. His family was not short of money, and his father would definitely not let his mother go there.

When Noel came back and saw the mother and son playing, he couldn't help smiling, "What happened? Why are you so happy?"

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