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   Chapter 35 Hear

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"Hi, commander. Nice to meet you again." Emma said with a smile.

Looking at the smiling girl in front of him, many years later, when Timothy really met his wife, he realized that he need spend his whole life to atone for this smile.

He put his hands in his pockets with his expressionless face and said calmly, "Major, I don't think you have anything important to tell me." He didn't want to have too much contact with this anthomaniac girl.

It was rare for Emma to show her girlish side. She walked towards Timothy bashfully, but after she walked over, she put her hand on his shoulder and said, "Bro, don't be so serious. We are comrades in arms." Tut, tut, for the first time, she thought her position as a military lawyer was very useful.

Timothy glanced at her indifferently and said, "My comrades in arms are all fighting against our enemies!" But she was the kind of person who would use a pen.

"Hey, you look down upon us. When you are in trouble, you need rely on our pen. You are discriminating against comrades in arms by doing so!" Emma caught up with the person who was about to leave and spoke behind him unconvinced.

Timothy didn't stop and said, "Major, please leave now!" He didn't have time to play with such a little girl. He just wanted to recover and go back to the army immediately. He was almost crazy to keep staying at home.

Emma was not affected by his cold words. She followed him step by step, "Handsome man, don't be like this. Where do you live? Please invite me to your house for a drink!"

Timothy suddenly stopped and looked back at the valiant female soldier. "Are you always so generous to go to a man's home like this?"

Emma rolled her eyes at him and said, "I have a good taste, okay? A scum can only be unlucky to meet me."

When Timothy arrived at the door of his house, he looked back at her and said, "Comrade in arms, I won't see you off!" Then he closed the door.

Emma opened his mouth slightly and thought, 'Don't be so arrogant. Let's see how you can be arrogant when I get you.'

Noel was still busy, especially in the middle of the night. After little Jacob fell asleep, Yvonne and Emma made a call, and Emma told her everything that had happened today. Yvonne tutted and said, "It's rare that you can't make it. Take me to see that handsome man someday."

"What kind of handsome guy are you going to meet? There is a great handsome man in your home. Why do you still go out?" Noel heard his wife's words when he came back. The big and little handsome men in her family was not enough for her to see, and she still wanted to go out to see other man.

Yvonne curled her lips slightly and didn't forget that there was still someone on the other end of the phone. "I'll hang up and go to see you tomorrow!"

"Okay, okay. I know your husband is back. Bye!" Emma said. In fact, she felt sorry for Yvonne that she got married without a wedding or a banquet.

After hanging up the phone, Yvonne tilted her head and said, "Didn't you say that you wouldn't come back?" When he left, he said he would be busy for a long time. It was not el

private interests. I just said what I should say. It has nothing to do with Yvonne."

"Noel, since when have you been willing to be tied up with a child?" Said Daryl arrogantly. Although she could see that the child was Noel's, she didn't think that Noel would change himself for the child.

Noel frowned and looked at the woman in front of him, who he hadn't seen for a few years but was completely strange to him. "Who told you that I did it for the child?" If it was just for the baby, he could have given Yvonne a sum of money to take care of her son. There was no need to pay for it with his whole life.

Daryl didn't expect his answer. She clenched her fists and asked, "What do you mean?" How could he fall in love with someone else? How could he fall in love with that submissive woman? Even if she only met that woman once today, she could see that woman was not suitable for Noel.

"You heard me." Noel was a little impatient. He shook off her hand on his wrist and said, "Daryl, no one in the world can change other person's life. Love doesn't mean that I will be with you when you want to, and I will leave when you want to do something else. I have the ability to protect my woman. Yvonne is the person I want to protect in my life." Then he turned around and left!

Daryl's bare nails left a deep mark on her palm. She came back after these years, but how could Noel not wait for her? How could he!

When Noel arrived at home, he saw Yvonne suddenly turn around as soon as he opened the door. He looked out and saw the panic on her face. He probably knew what had happened. He closed the door without saying anything and entered the room.

Yvonne put her hands on her chest. She didn't mean to hear it just now, but his phone kept ringing. When she saw him downstairs, she wanted to go downstairs and give the phone to him, but she didn't expect to hear their conversation.

Noel walked to the door of the lounge, but she was still standing at the door. He frowned and looked back at her. "Come here." 'What is that woman thinking about again?'

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