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   Chapter 34 The Wedding Without A Wedding

My Mommy Wins Her Captain Husband Back By Chen Ziluo Characters: 10290

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"Shut up!"

Before Yvonne could say anything, Noel had already opened his mouth, but his attitude was completely different from what he had showed in the morning. Yvonne frowned. She could bear whatever he had done to her, but he couldn't treat her friend like this. "Noel."

Looking down at the displeasure on Yvonne's face, Noel took a deep breath and pulled Yvonne to his side. He looked at Emma and said, "I have my own considerations on this matter. I won't betray Yvonne and Jacob!"

Seeing them leave, Emma still had something to say, but she was directly stopped by Charles. "Well, you should not get involved in the matter of the couple. I'll drive you back!"

"No need. None of you is a good person!" Emma said and snorted coldly. Then she turned around and got on her car and left.

Looking at her receding figure, Charles turned around and looked at those people who were called bad person. "What are you waiting for? Let's go!" Charles thought that Viper would not leave C City if he failed to achieve his goal this time, so they just needed to wait!

Noel took Yvonne back to his office. On the way back, little Jacob lost his temper all the way without saying a word, even if Noel talked to him, he didn't respond. On the whole, it was because this boy was angrier than his mother.

Jacob lost his temper all the way and fell asleep. Yvonne put Jacob on the bed and covered him with a blanket, looked up at Noel and said, "You can go ahead with your business. I'll look after him!"

Noel pulled her out of the room and closed the door. He seldom explained anything to others, but just as Emma said, this was his wife. He could ignore others, but it was necessary for him to explain to his wife.

He pulled her to sit down on the sofa and said, "Eve, what happened today is not what you think. It's not that I don't want Daryl to replace you and our son. It's just that I can solve the problem. Why get other person involved in?"

Yvonne looked at him quietly and waited for him to finish. She lowered her head and sighed, "I know. I didn't say anything." She didn't have much hope for their marriage. If he wanted to continue, she would accompany him. If he wanted to end it, she would leave with her son. She didn't think too much and didn't expect too much so that in the end, she wouldn't be sad.

This Yvonne was exactly what troubled Noel the most. People like Yvonne were also the most difficult to deal with. She always had no desire for anything. He reached out to touch her head and said, "Have a rest first. I'll go out to buy you something to eat."

Watching him go out, Yvonne exhaled and went to the bedroom. The little guy was still asleep. She sat on the edge of the bed and thought of the man. The scar on his face was obviously fake, but why?

When Yvonne was still in a daze, the phone rang. She raised her head and saw the phone on the table, which kept ringing. She reached out and looked at the caller ID on it, and then looked outside. She didn't know when Noel would come back.

The number was not saved. She thought for

aid that he had gone back. He was sorry that he couldn't be the witness today.

"It's okay. Have a good rest when you go back. Leave the rest to Charles. What did the doctor say about your body?" Noel put down his son and asked him to eat by himself, eating with chopsticks in one hand.

Timothy got out of the taxi, paid the money and changed his hand to hold the phone and continued, "It doesn't matter. What can it be? Just the same few words all day long. Let him rest. Let him rest. Sooner or later, I will fall ill because I rest too much.

"Listen to the doctor this time. Don't you know what's wrong with your body?" Noel said unhappily.

"I have heard this hundreds of times. You'd better shut up." As Timothy spoke, he saw the woman leaning against the car not far away and cursed, "Well, I have something else to do. I will invite my sister-in-law to dinner next time." Then he hung up the phone directly.

Noel frowned and wondered what was going on? Noel threw his phone on the table and saw his son spilled the food on the table. He slapped his son on the hip lightly and said, "Why don't you eat well?"

Jacob made a face at him and said, "Dad, this is not delicious." Jacob was a picky eater.

Yvonne looked at the two men. From their conversation just now, she could feel that the relationship between the three of them was really much better than she thought. Noel's emotion had never been exposed like this, but this time, he was like an elder brother, just like a brother of an ordinary family.

Noel wiped his son's mouth and looked up at Yvonne who was looking at him. He chuckled, "What? You suddenly think your husband is very handsome?"

All of a sudden, Yvonne came to her senses. Her face turned red and lowered her head to eat rice. With a smile, Noel picked up food for her. "Eat more. You look thinner."

When Emma saw Timothy coming, she knew that she would have a chance to meet him here, so she came here without returning home after that incident. She didn't expect that he was really blocked by her.

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