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   Chapter 33 Make A Bet

My Mommy Wins Her Captain Husband Back By Chen Ziluo Characters: 10256

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Old Dog went over to the side of Charles. What were they going to do now? Charles stood behind Noel and said, "We are only assisting our boss in the battlefield." So when they were not needed by Noel, they would never make a move.

Old Dog nodded to show his understanding. Although they were in a large group, everyone had their own responsibility.

After glancing at the mother and son, then Noel looked up at the man and said, "Viper, since when did you start to use this method?" As far as Noel knew, although Viper did all kinds of evil things, his moral quality was still not bad.

"In desperate times that I need to use desperate means. I just want to see how beautiful Mrs. Yvonne is." As Viper spoke, he looked down at the pale face of Yvonne again and said, "Yes, much better than that woman. I didn't expect your taste have improved." His tone was full of contempt.

Of course, Noel knew who he was talking about. It was Daryl. Last time, Viper was almost caught because Daryl had used a special method, so it was normal for Viper to hate Daryl. And the most important thing was the relationship that Noel might have nothing to do with between Noel and Daryl.

"Viper, I don't think you just want to give me a gift today!"

Tiger Teeth rushed over with a group of people. The dock had already been cleared up by Old Dog. At this moment, no innocent people would be hurt even if something happened.

Viper's men had prepared a ship and whispered in his ear. Viper nodded and looked at Noel. "If you want the mother and son, bring Daryl here to exchange them." That woman had destroyed everything of him almost seven years ago. He would never let her go so easily.

Noel frowned. Yvonne's pale face gradually recovered. She didn't expect that this man would propose such a way of exchange, but she could feel that this man didn't mean to hurt her. She looked up at the frowning man opposite. Was Daryl the woman last night?

"That's a good question. Come on, let's bet who our boss will choose." Charles said with a smile, the look of him made people want to beat him up. Tiger Teeth and others were speechless. All of a sudden, Charles led his men began to place bets.

Noel was speechless and he looked back and found that there were already two groups. Charles must be so bored, but the fact was that Noel knew how bored Charles was.

Viper was obviously interested in playing with them. Looking at the bet over there, he tutted and said, "Dear Yvonne, it seems that your chance of winning is not high."

Dear -- Yvonne! Everyone looked up at Viper when they heard his words. At this moment, Charles didn't understand how Noel felt, but many years later, when someone appeared and called his wife "dear", he finally understood this feeling. It felt so fucking bad.

There was a bloodthirsty look on Noel's face. This feeling was different from that when he knew Viper was with Daryl. At that time, Noel just felt insulted, but now, he wanted to kill Viper!

"Captain Noel, you don't have much time left. I only give you one hour. If Dary

such a blatant way.

Jacob's head was pressed against his mother's chest by his mother, and his little mouth was pursed. Such a father was too annoying.

The fighting was getting more and more intense. Viper turned around and looked at the woman whose face was pale again. His eyes were deep. No one knew what he was thinking. Finally, he loosened her wrist and said, "Stay here. You will be safe after I leave!"

Little Jacob looked at Viper with his big eyes. It seemed that this uncle was not as bad as others said. Yvonne was also looking at him, watching him roll to the sea in the bullets, watching his smile, and then jump off the coastline.

The sound of guns disappeared with the disappearance of Viper, and the sea breeze continued. Looking at the coastline over there, Yvonne seemed to be in a daze. Did he just jump down like that?

When the mother and son looked at each other, Noel had already run over. Looking at the mother and son squatting behind the car, he reached out and pulled Yvonne up. When he was about to hug Jacob, Jacob suddenly buried his head in his mother's arms. Jacob began to hate his father from now on.

Noel was slightly stunned. Yvonne patted her son on the back and said softly, "My Jacob is scared!"

Noel snorted slightly. He knew his son well and his son was not scared at all. He was even bolder than a ghost. He held his son in his arms forcefully.

Yvonne opened her mouth but said nothing. She followed Noel silently. Emma ran over and looked at Yvonne up and down. Then she looked at Noel and said, "Captain Noel, what do you mean? You just got married and the marriage certificate is not cold yet. If you don't want to be together with Yvonne, you can go to change the marriage certificate now."

Looking at the darkened face of Noel, Yvonne reached out and pulled Emma to stop Emma. How could Emma be afraid of Noel? She continued to say what she wanted to say, "Since you are so reluctant to leave your ex-girlfriend, then go and find her. It's not that no one wants my Yvonne."

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