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   Chapter 32 Don't Take Anyone As God

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"Hey, Noel, can we get marriage certificate or not? Will your brother come or not?" Emma stood at the door silently and looked at the people who had been talking on the phone. He was so busy that he didn't even focus on his own wedding.

Noel took a deep breath and looked at Yvonne who also stood at the door and said, "Okay, let's go inside."

To get the marriage certificate went smoothly. All their IDs were complete. Noel didn't miss the disappointment in Yvonne's eyes when she saw her ID. It was at this moment that Noel realized that this woman hid more deeply than he saw. If she hadn't been hurt deeply, she wouldn't have shown any real expression. As for this point, people without special training couldn't do that.

After getting the marriage certificate, Noel went out of the Civil Affairs Bureau and handed over Yvonne to Emma without saying too much. "Miss Emma, please help me take care of my wife." As he spoke, he had already got in the car and made a phone call. "How is it going?"

Yvonne was dumbfounded. What was going on?

Emma sighed silently and got on the car with the mother and son. "Let's go. He has a task." In fact, Noel was about to leave before he went in, but perhaps he felt that it would embarrass Yvonne and Jacob, so he left after getting the marriage certificate.

Little Jacob followed his mother into the car. Looking at the direction in which his father disappeared, he turned around and looked at his mother. "Mommy."

"It's fine. Your father will be fine." Holding her son in her arms, Yvonne seemed to understand what Stanley's wife had said. "You would never rule out the feeling of fear, but you would slowly take fear as a thing you had to experience."

When Noel arrived at the building, the surrounding people had already separated the crowd. Noel casually threw his coat on the car and took his own identification. Charles' people were outside. When they saw Noel, they said, "Mr. Noel."

"What happened?"

"Charles and Timothy are inside. The viper is holding two hostages now." Old Dog who worked for Charles reported the current situation.

Noel looked up at the building, loosened his tie and reached for the gun. "Give it to me."

Old Dog was stunned and handed the gun to him. Noel frowned when he got the gun. Obviously, Noel was not satisfied with it. Old Dog's mouth twitched slightly. They just came out to catch people, but they didn't expect to encounter such a situation, so they naturally wouldn't come out with sniper guns.

Noel looked around and took the headset from the technician. "I'm going to the other side now. You guys find a way to lure the Viper to the window."

The people inside were still in a stalemate. Squatting outside the door, Charles looked at the people inside and said, "He has a bomb with him. It shouldn't be the viper, but a substitute."

Timothy stood in front of the counter and confronted the man. With a cold expression on his expressionless face, Timothy asked, "Why did the Viper ask you to come here?"

The man smiled coldly and looked at the trembling man in the corner. "Isn't the iron triangle also trapped?"

Timothy's expression

uth tightly and said nothing. He believed that his father would come to save them.

Emma rushed out the hotel. Emma got out of the hotel and got on her car to chase after them. If anything happened to the mother and son, she would be doomed.

In the car, the Viper loosened his collar and let his subordinate drive. He looked at Yvonne and asked coldly, "How old are you?"

Yvonne bit her lips and looked at her son all the time. When she was sure that her son was fine, she was relieved. "Twenty-three."

The Viper squinted his eyes and looked her up and down. "Twenty-three?" As if the Viper repeated or he wanted to affirm something, "Who is Bill Ye to you?"

Yvonne suddenly looked up at him, but finally shook her head. Her father was Frank, not Bill Ye. "I don't know him." She didn't lie. She really didn't know the man that the Viper asked about, and she had never heard of Bill Ye from her father.

The Viper snorted coldly. The old man did it thoroughly. He put little Jacob on his legs and rubbed his pink face with his rough hand. "Boy, aren't you afraid?"

Little Jacob snorted and said confidently, "My father will take you away."

"Boy, don't take anyone as God. The only person who can save you is yourself." The man said, closing his eyes and keeping silent.

Yvonne sat in the back seat and didn't dare to move. She kept looking at her son. Little Jacob comforted her mother with his eyes. He was fine. He looked up at the bad guy and believed that his father could save them. For Jacob, his father was his God.

When the car arrived at the dock, people on both sides got off the cars almost at the same time. With their son in Yvonne's arms, the Viper held one of her arms and pointed the gun at her head. They walked towards the boat by the sea step by step.

It was rare for Charles to be serious. When Old Dog and others came over, Old Dog waved his hand to let them continue to wait and he looked at Noel.

Noel stood at the sea vent. The sea breeze blew his clothes. The sea breeze with the smell of the sea slowly seemed to begin to spread the smell of blood.

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