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   Chapter 31 The Appearance Of Viper (Part Two)

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When Yvonne woke up, it was almost nine o'clock. The breakfast was on the table, and there was a note on it. Noel took her son out and asked her to get up for breakfast. Yvonne rubbed her sore waist and put the note on her chest. She smiled, relaxed her body, and stood up to change her clothes.

The breakfast had been placed on the table, simple pickles and millet porridge, but she felt very satisfied.

Before the breakfast was finished, Jacob came back alone. He was so tired that he threw himself into his mother's arms.

Yvonne wiped her son's sweat with a tissue and asked, "Where is dad?" 'Did my son go to the battlefield?' She thought.

"He went to work. Dad said Mom would be bored, so he asked me to come back to accompany you." After taking a rest, Jacob stretched out his hand to bite the bun. Yvonne didn't have time to wash his hands, it could be seen that his son was very tired.

In fact, Yvonne wanted to say that she wouldn't feel bored at home alone, but it would be better if her son was with her.

In the morning, Noel followed the troupe head to look around and made a general understanding of the situation. He checked the time and took the mother and son to have a meal, and also had time to get a marriage certificate.

When Noel went back, the mother and son were playing on the bed. Little Jacob was lying in his mother's arms and giggling. Noel didn't know what Jacob was whispering to his mother. Noel went to sit on the edge of the bed and reached out his hand to touch the head of Yvonne. "Get up. We are going out for a meal."

Yvonne turne

"Timothy hasn't arrived yet. I'll call him. You go in first." As he spoke, he asked Emma to take Yvonne in silently. It was impossible for Noel to find only one witness, so he called Timothy this morning.

When Timothy received the phone call from Noel, Timothy just got out of the taxi. The taxi was blocked all the time. Perhaps there was something wrong in the front, Timothy wanted to run there.

"There's a traffic jam. Wait for me for ten minutes. I'll be there in ten minutes." As Timothy spoke, he frowned and looked at his watch again. It should be able to run over in ten minutes about such distance.

Noel looked inside and said, "Okay, hurry up. I..." Before Noel could finish his words, he heard the roar over there.

"Viper, I saw Viper." Then Timothy hung up the phone.

"Timothy." Noel shouted, and the phone had been hung up. He cursed and made a phone call, "Charles], TH Road. Timothy saw the Viper there. Take someone there." Viper was a repeat offender they had chased for years. They didn't expect Viper to appear in C City.

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