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   Chapter 30 The Appearance Of Viper (Part One)

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After setting the time and place, Noel hung up the phone and went to make the bed on the floor. There was only a military bed in the office, and it was okay to sleep alone and it was okay that the mother and son slept on it. But there was not enough room for the three of them.

Yvonne put her phone on the table and watched Noel put the quilt on the ground. "How about you sleep on the sofa?" It was better than lying on the ground.

"It's okay. You go to bed first. I still have something to do." While speaking, he kissed Yvonne on the cheek and got up to go out.

Yvonne watched him go out and then look at the floor. Her son slept soundly on the small bed alone, and he wouldn't wake up even if the sky fell. She sat on the edge of the bed and touched his little head, took out her mobile phone and sat on the ground to play QQ, chatting with the author and her real friends to kill time.

Seeing that those people were still talking about plagiarism, Yvonne liked to get involved in this kind of thing, but she was absent-minded today, so she didn't say anything. Instead, she looked outside from time to time.

Time Is Like The Wind said, "Eh, A Long Sentence is online. Why didn't she say anything today?"

As one of the managers of this group, Yvonne's QQ profile was in the front row. And her online moniker was A Long Sentence. As long as she was online, people could see it. A person who used to talk a lot suddenly stopped talking that was very strange.

I'm Not Alone: A Long Sentence, what are you doing?"

A Long Sentence: Ah? Nothing. I am looking others scolding each other online.

A Long Sentence sent a snicker emotion and looked down at the group of people who wanted to watch the broadcast of the scolding people. The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. 'Damn it! Where do I look for the broadcast for them?'.

A Long Sentence: There is no more scolding. I'm going to bed. Good night.

Tomato Ate Cucumber: Damn you, A Long Sentence, it's only eleven o'clock. Why are you sleeping?

A Long Sentence: Well, I'm old. I have to go to bed early.

As she spoke, she quickly hid her account. None of these people was easy to deal with. It was better for her to leave.

But she saw Dylan's message as soon as she became invisible. Although they had broken up for many years, she always had his QQ account, and she would not delete his QQ account. However, Dylan hadn't chatted with her on QQ for many years.

I Only Want Yvonne: Yvonne, are you there?

Yvonne wanted to say "no", but when she saw his online moniker, she smiled bitterly.

A Long Sentence: Yes, you haven't slept yet?

I Only Want Yvonne: I think I can tell you what happened that year.

A Long Sentence: It's unn

ecessary, Dylan. You're Ashley's husband. Since you know you're sorry for me, don't hurt her anymore.

As she spoke, she directly closed the dialogue box with him. She didn't want to know what had happened in the past. Seeing that Emma's profile picture lit up, she hurriedly sent a message.

A Long Sentence: Are you home?

Silence: Yes, I just arrived home. I almost had a car accident on the way.

A Long Sentence: What's going on?

Silence: It was just a bad luck man who was lame and couldn't drive. But fortunately, I'm good at driving. Why haven't you slept yet? Are you still flirting with Noel?

Yvonne rolled her eyes, knowing that Emma couldn't say anything good. After the two chatted for a while, Yvonne put down her phone and looked at the light outside. She thought that she should slept on the ground. Noel had been tired all day, so he should have a good rest. She could sleep during the day.

When Noel came in, he saw that Yvonne had fallen asleep on the floor. He was stunned for a while and then raised the corners of his mouth. 'This silly woman!' Noel turned off the light and sat on the ground. He reached out and held the woman in her arms. "Go to bed. There is cold air on the ground." He didn't care about it, but his wife might not be able to hold on.

Yvonne woke up in a daze. She looked at the man who was holding her and asked, "What time is it?"

"It's almost one o'clock. Go to sleep." Then he carried her to the bed.

Yvonne struggled to get up, "You've been busy all day. I'll just sleep on the ground." As she spoke, she was kissed by Noel. This little woman, did he need others to take care of him like this?

Yvonne was stunned by his kiss, but she closed her eyes the next second. Maybe it was too dark, she let go of her shyness in the daytime and gradually lost in his kiss.

As a result, they slept on the ground for a whole night together. To be more exact, Yvonne slept on Noel the whole night.

At six o'clock, Noel woke up on time. The sleeping sound outside had already been blown, and the woman in his arms moved. Noel covered her ears with his hands, and didn't let go of her until the sound was over. He kissed her naked shoulder, carefully got up, put her pajamas on her body for her, and carried her to the bed and he put on his clothes.

Before the collar hook was fastened by Noel, little Jacob sat up, rubbed his eyes and said softly, "Dad, pee."

Noel buttoned up and carried his son up. There was no bathroom in the room, so he had to take his son out.

After taking his son to solve the problem of urgent urination, the little boy also woke up. He asked his father to put on his clothes and then went out for morning exercise with his father.

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