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   Chapter 12 Drive Her Out Of The Ye Family

My Mommy Wins Her Captain Husband Back By Chen Ziluo Characters: 7244

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Hearing his father's words, Jacob got nothing to say. He looked at his mother and let her make the decision by herself.

"Uh—" Yvonne was stunned. Why did she become the one to make the decision?


When everyone was waiting for her answer, the doorbell rang. Emma was so annoyed that she wondered who would come to disturb them. Why couldn't the person just wait for a while?

"I'm coming."

Emma opened the door and arched her eyebrows slightly. She was very curious about the people outside. "Uncle Ye, what a surprise! What brings you here?" The man who came here was Frank Ye, Yvonne's father. She thought Frank would never come here. He didn't care about her before, did he?

Regardless of Emma's sarcasm, Frank asked in a cold voice, "is Yvonne here with you?" Frank was happy to hear from his eldest daughter that his younger daughter had come back. It was not that he didn't want to look for her for so many years, but every time he wanted to look for her, he would think of the betrayal of Yvonne's mother, which let himself give up this idea.

Yvonne looked at the door. A trace of sadness flashed through her eyes when she saw her father. She slowly walked over and said in a low voice, "Dad."

Looking at his daughter, there was an unknown emotion in his deep eyes.

"Why don't you go home?"


"Mommy." Jacob ran to his mother and looked at Frank up and down. He closely resembled his mother. Jacob knew that he was his grandfather.

When Frank saw the child near his daughter, his face was full of disbelief. Yvonne was only twenty-two years old, and the child seemed to be four or five years old.

At first, he didn't believe Ashley said that Yvonne had a child, because no matter what happened before, he still trusted Yvonne.

"Where does this child come from?" The way he looked at Jacob was weird, which reminded him of his wife.

Yvonne pulled Jacob behind her and said, "Dad, Jacob is my—"

"Shame on you." Frank suddenly slapped Yvonne on the face mercilessly before she could finish her words.

Yvonne was struck dumb with amazement. She didn't turn her head back for a long while, and her face was burning.

angerous. The strength that he used to hold her shoulders also became stronger.

Enduring the pain on her shoulder, Yvonne frowned and returned to normal.

"This is what I mean. I will take Jacob to the countryside, where I can raise him, sir," said Yvonne. Her eyes remained calm. She said nonchalantly, "you also said that you wanted to marry me because you wanted my son, but I won't let go of my son. You can just pretend that you have never seen us."

"No, I never see—" Noel snorted, "Yvonne Ye, I've seen a coward, but I've never seen a freaking coward like you!" He had always been well-educated. This was the first time that he had cursed in front of a woman. He was mad at this woman, for she was being such a coward. She was just driven out of her family. So what? He could take care of her. Why did she have to keep everybody away from her?

Yvonne didn't refute. She was indeed a coward. She admitted it herself. She wouldn't mind it if he said that out loud.

"Hey, how could you say that? Can't Yvonne just have her own thoughts? Captain Ye, with your status, you can find any woman you like. And they would love to have babies for you if you want. If you can find a woman who doesn't want you to be responsible for her, you should be glad. Don't be so arrogant here." Emma hated anyone who dared to scold Yvonne. She had no right to say anything to Yvonne's father, and this man had no right to say that to Yvonne too.

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