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   Chapter 10 Passing By

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Yvonne curled her lips slightly. She slowly walked over and sat on the edge of the bed.

Jacob looked up at his mother and then at his father. His lips curved in a smile, revealing his white teeth. He held his mother with one hand and his father with the other.

Noel kept silent and fed him a whole bowl of porridge. Yvonne frowned and didn't want to him to feed Jacob anymore. "That's enough, baby needs to sleep. It will be uncomfortable to eat too much and go to sleep."

Noel looked at Yvonne and stopped in the air. Captain Noel, who had always been wise, was a little confused now. He had never raised a child. How could he know how much a child should eat? He just thought that the more he ate, the better.

Jacob was tired of the whole day of activity. After all, he was not energetic like an adult. Soon he fell asleep in his mother's arms.

Noel looked at Jacob falling asleep and found that he didn't have much time left. He then carried Yvonne into the bathroom.

"You— What are you doing?"

Looking at her defensive expression, Noel said in disdain, "I don't have a mood to sleep with such a fragile girl."

He put her on a colored glaze table, took the medicine he had just bought, cleaned her legs and feet, and applied the medicine to her.

The blisters on her feet were all broken. He frowned and thought, 'doesn't she know how painful it is?' She still went to bathe the little guy in this way.

Looking at the man who was carefully applying medicine to her, Yvonne felt so warm and tears started to well up in her eyes. Her heart was also racing. This was something that even Dylan couldn't make her feel this way.

But the next second, she forced herself to turn away. Although she didn't know much about this man, she knew about the army. This man was definitely not a nobody, so she didn't deserve him. To put it bluntly, he only did this for her son.

Noel frowned and took care of everything for her, "don't take a shower today. Just wait until the blisters are healed." He took her out and put her on the bed. "I have to go now. I'll send someone to pick you up tomorrow."

Yvonne felt that too many things had happened since she came back. First, she met her sister, then many things happened between her and him. Also, the accident took place today.

"Well, thank you for what you did today."

Putting on the camouflage uniform, Noel looked back at her and opened the door without saying anything.

"The baby's name is Jacob, Jacob Ye." Seeing that he was about to leave, Yvonne told him anxiously. That was what he asked her earlier.

Looking at the little boy sleeping on the bed, he nodded and closed the door.

"And I'm twenty-two years old," Yvonne lowered her head and said with self-mockery. Maybe the only thing he wanted to know was about the child. He didn't really care how old she was.

Looking at her legs and feet wrapped in the gauze, she hit her head hard. 'don't be silly, Yvonne. How on earth could he fall in love with you? Go to sleep.' She thought to herself.

Three hours later, Noel managed to catch up with the team. It was already dawn. Looking at the swamp in front of him, he looked back at the soldiers and said, "have a rest for ten minutes and then continue to move forward."

He checked the time and thought, 'that girl should have woken up. Oh, I forgot to teach the little man a lesson. He can't just ask his mom to take him anywhere he wants.' Yesterday, he was worried about the mother and son and forgot what he wanted to say to Jacob.

Yvonne didn't just wake up. Actually, she stayed up the whole night. She didn't dare to close her eyes. The scene she saw on the day reflected every time she closed

her eyes, so she could only hold her son for the whole night, guarding him, and didn't dare to fall asleep.

In the morning, when Jacob woke up, the two of them checked out. Jacob was worried about his mother, so he called his godmother and asked her to pick them up.

Yvonne and her son were waiting in the hall of the hotel. Jacob was acting like an animal to tease his mother, because he could see that his mother was still afraid.

"Yvonne?" When Dylan and Ashley Ye saw Yvonne in the hall, they were not quite sure. They didn't confirm it until they saw her turn around.

When Yvonne saw her sister and Dylan, she lowered her head to hide the disgust in her eyes.

When Ashley saw Yvonne, her face fell. She asked in a sharp and unpleasant voice, "Why are you here?" She then looked at Dylan beside her and felt a little suspicious.

Yvonne held her son up and walked past them without looking at them.

"Yvonne Ye," Ashley was irritated by her attitude. She had never been ignored by someone like this. Yvonne was a woman who had been inferior to her since childhood. She shook off her hand holding her husband, glared at him, and walked up to Yvonne. She looked at Jacob sarcastically, "Yvonne, since you want to disappear, then disappear completely. Whose bastard it is that you're carrying? Don't take him back home."

Yvonne suddenly raised her head. She didn't mind what she said to herself, but she couldn't say that to her child.

"I won't go back to Ye family, but please remember, I don't allow you to say that about my child."

"Ho," Ashley sneered, looking at the little kid who was staring at her fiercely, "if he's not a bastard, then who is he? Are you married or what? Yvonne, look at yourself. After all, you are just another bastard."

Yvonne bit her lips and didn't know how to refute. It was her and her mother who took her father away. Why did they always say that she was a bastard.

"Enough, Ashley." Dylan said in a low voice, "don't forget that we still have work to do." He felt sorry for Yvonne. She was still the same silly girl who was bullied and didn't know how to fight back.

"Enough!" Ashley suddenly raised her voice and turned around to shake off his hand. "Are you still thinking about this bitch? Now you want to win her back? She has a man and a child now! Do you still want to be her man?"

Looking at Ashley acting like a crazy woman, Yvonne sneered, kissed her son's face, turned around and left.

She didn't want a man who had betrayed her!

Emma Qiao also arrived. She proficiently parked the car, which made Jacob clap his hands. His mother didn't even dare to drive the car, let alone being a proficient driver.

Emma got off the car and looked at them coming out. "Why don't you wait for me inside?"

Jacob didn't tell her about it. It was all right now, so there was no need to make her worry about them.

Holding Jacob in her arms, Yvonne got into the car and said without looking back, "There is a dog barking inside."

It was not that Yvonne was stupid. If she really wanted to say something harsh, no one could refute her.

When Yvonne opened the car door, she saw Ashley and Dylan quarreling inside. She smiled and thought, 'they are really biting each other.'

Emma drove away and happened to pass Timothy who came to pick up Yvonne.

Yvonne looked out and saw the military car. She probably knew who it was. She wanted to ask Emma to stop the car and talk to him, but she thought that he would leave if he couldn't find her.

She missed him this time, but in return, she suffered the rest of her life. Yvonne thought if she got out of the car this time, everything might not happen in the future.

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