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   Chapter 9 Standing There Won't Help

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Jacob was lost in his thought. His father was smarter than him.

After looking at his son for a while, Noel took Yvonne's hand and walked forward. He could tell that his son liked him, so he couldn't help but chuckle. This feeling was really good.

Under the moonlight, when Yvonne saw the smile on his face, she was stunned for a moment. How could this man look so perfect?

Seeing them coming over, Charles walked up to them and told them that the man had been taken away by the police. It had to be said that this person was really crazy. Except for the Jacob and Yvonne, nineteen people were all shot in the head by him.

"I guess he is suffering from mental illness. We got it covered. Sister-in-law doesn't need to go there," said Charles.

Yvonne was speechless. She really wanted to scream that she had nothing to do with this man. She was not their so-called sister-in-law.

'But, but... Forget it.' She didn't dare to say that out loud.

Jacob looked at his mother who lowered her head and felt annoyed. His father and mother were really like the characters in the Cartoon—Tom and Jerry. His mother was undoubtedly that mouse.

"Charles, lead the team forward. I'll walk them back." Then he took Yvonne and Jacob down the mountain.

Yvonne really wanted to boldly tell him to mind his own business and left them alone.

However, she didn't dare to go down the mountain with Jacob by herself, especially after this incident. She didn't actually want to rely on him, but she got no choice.

Jacob was held by his father and he had to look at his mother so as to make sure that his mother could keep up with them.

Seeing that his mommy was following him, he frowned slightly. His mommy couldn't walk like this even if she went up the mountain.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Jacob asked worriedly.

Hearing what Jacob said, Noel turned around to look at the woman. She hurriedly held up her waist and then lowered her head after taking a look at him. 'Am I so horrible?' He thought.

'This girl needed to be taught a lesson!'

Thinking of what had happened just now, Noel bent over and put Jacob down. He went over to Yvonne and said in a deep voice, "sit down. Let me check on your feet." She ran so fast just now that she must have hurt her feet. The silly girl didn't even know to tell him that she was injured.

"I didn't... Ah—"

Noel held her on his laps and stopped her from struggling. "If you keep moving, I have countless ways to make you stop." He threatened her.

Yvonne shrank her neck. She was not a three-year-old child, of course she knew what Noel meant.

"Ouch— It hurts—" Noel pressed so hard that she felt a sharp pain in her ankle.

"Hold on." Noel said coldly. Now that she knew it hurt, why didn't she tell him earlier? Her ankle was swollen like a bun. Of course it would be painful.

Yvonne bit her lips immediately to stop screaming, though it really hurt.

Jacob felt sorry for his mother. What was his father's attitude? "Mommy hurts, you have to slow down."

Noel looked at the little boy who gave orders to him. His mommy ranked first in everything.

"What's my son's name?" He messaged her ankle and asked their son's name. He had forgotten such an important thing when he went to see her yesterday.

Biting her lower lip, Yvonne turned her face aside and didn't tell him!

Looking at her tough look, Noel asked, "how old are you now?"

She didn't replied.

"Ah—" This time, it hurt so much that she burst into tears. He must have done it on purpose! She looked at Noel with anger. Since she couldn't blurt out her true feelings, all she could do was to glare at him.

"Baby, give me the stick."

Jacob walked over and fetched a stick for his father. Seeing that his father had tied his mother's legs, Jacob touched her ankle back and forth with his l

ittle hands and asked in a low voice full of worry, "Mommy, does it still hurt?"

"Mommy is fine." Yvonne touched her son's little face and comforted him. He was always more thoughtful than her.

"Mommy, I'm sorry." The little boy bowed his head and apologized. If he hadn't come to see his father, his mother wouldn't have been almost killed by the man and injured.

Noel looked at the mother and son, and then looked at the cuts all over her feet and her injured leg. He thought to himself. 'What a stupid woman! Is she wearing a dress when climbing the mountain?'

Then he looked at their son. It would take at least a few hours to walk down the mountain. Her son must be unable to hold on for so long. And how could she go down the mountain with her injured leg?

He bent over and carried her and their son with one hand.

"Hey, I can walk myself." The only person who had ever carried her on the shoulder was her father, but that was before she was three years old. It was really awkward to be carried on the shoulder by a man.

Noel ignored her, holding her body with one hand and his son with the other. She suddenly felt at ease and realized that this was how you felt when you were being cared.

But this feeling was so weak that no one could notice it.

Even Noel carried Yvonne on his shoulder, he was still faster than when he carried his son alone. It was supposed to take three hours to get there, but it only took one hour and a half.

They found a hotel at the foot of the mountain. After arranging the mother and son, Noel left without saying a word.

The mother and son looked at each other. What was going on? How could he just leave them like that?

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief secretly. 'Fine, then go! I don't want to be nervous in front of him. I'll leave here with my son tomorrow morning, as if nothing has happened.'

Jacob cursed his father in his heart, for he just left them here. What kind of father was he? If it weren't for him creating opportunities for him and her mommy, how could they end up like this? 'He's going too far! This is going too far! Daddy, you just lost one point again!' Jacob thought to himself.

Enduring the pain on her feet and legs, Yvonne took off her son's clothes and said, "Jacob, Mommy will take you to take a shower."

She picked up her son. The blisters on her feet might have been broken by her strength just now, and it was burning pain.

Noel came back after buying some medicine and food, but he didn't see anyone in the room. He didn't put down the things until he heard the sound of the bathroom.

"Honey, do you like him?"

"Yes, but it doesn't matter whether I like him or not. Mommy is the one to make a decision. And I love Mommy the most."

When Noel heard his son say that he liked him, he felt that the most perfect task he had ever done and the most perfect compliment he had received were not more important than his son's words of liking him.

Yvonne touched her son's little head, took a bath towel and took him out of the bathtub. The pain in her feet had always been there, and she frowned.

Noel held his son in his arms and glanced at her. He looked indifferent without any meaning.

Following them, Yvonne almost limped all the way out. When she went out of the bathroom and saw the things on the table and the man who was carefully taking care of her son, she thought that this man was actually very considerate. She thought he had left.

It was the first time that Noel had served people, but he liked this feeling even if he was clumsy. Seeing his son eat what he fed, this sense of accomplishment was nothing compared to anything else.

"Standing there won't help. Is there anything to eat while standing there?" Noel saw the woman standing at the door of the bathroom in a daze. He said nonchalantly.

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