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   Chapter 8 Call Her Sister-in-law

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Jacob and Yvonne sat in the tent, waiting for the sunrise. She asked her son to sleep for a while and told him that she would wake him up at dawn, but the little boy was very energetic and refused to sleep.

"Mommy, is the sunrise really beautiful?" He saw that Mommy used to write such beautiful words about sunrise in her books.

"Yes, the sunrise is very beautiful. When Jacob grows up and has a beloved girlfriend, you can take her to watch the sunrise. That will be the most romantic thing." Yvonne kissed her son on the cheek. When could a man who loved her take her to watch the sunrise like this?

When she was in love with Dylan, she was still at school. They often went to the campus, and he was always very busy and had no time to take her out.

"Mommy, I need to pee." Jacob suddenly pulled his mommy up and wanted to go out to urinate.

Yvonne took the Jacob out and let him pee behind a big tree. She looked at the forest and then looked at the tent not far away.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes wide and covered her mouth tightly. She watched the shooting and saw the blood splashing on the tents. She looked around and found that almost all the tents were covered with blood.


Yvonne suddenly covered her son's mouth, but the man obviously heard the sound here.

Cold sweat trickled down Yvonne's forehead. She picked up her son and ran to an unknown place. No matter what it took, she had to hide her son.

In the darkness, he looked at the time on his wrist. Three hours was enough for them to rest.

"Assemble!" The low voice almost resounded through the whole valley.

All of a sudden, the sound of sorting out the equipment rang out in the darkness. After the gathering, they started to count off.



A scream resounded through the whole mountain.

Noel suddenly raised his head and looked at the source of the voice. Before everyone could react, their captain had disappeared.

Yvonne fell to the ground and saw her son running away without a trace. She sat back and looked at the man getting closer and closer to her.

Her bright eyes were filled with tears. She kept retreating to the edge of the tree, and there was no way back.

"Ah—" Jacob cried and rushed forward. He suddenly bumped into someone and was knocked down to the ground. Before he could get up, he grabbed the man's trouser leg and said, "help my mommy, please help my mommy."

Noel lifted the little boy up and threw him to Charles who was behind him. He had just felt that the cry was familiar. It turned out to be that stupid woman. 'Why was she here in the middle of the night.' He thought.

Seeing the man shooting, Yvonne's eyes widened and finally closed her eyes.

The next scene almost shocked everyone present. The cooperation of Noel and Charles was almost flawless.

At the moment when Noel carried Yvonne away, Charles was able to hit that bullet as he was carrying Jacob. It slowed down and gave Noel time to take away Yvonne.

Several soldiers went up to stop the man. How dare he be so bold in front of a group of special soldiers?

Yvonne didn't feel the pain as she expected, but a warm hug. She gripped his sleeve tightly and dared not open her eyes.

"Mommy, Mommy." Jacob struggled to get down from Charles's body, ran to his mother and touched her face with his little hand.

Hearing Jacob's voice, Yvonne opened her eyes and held him in her arms. "I'm so scared. Jacob, let me have a look."

"Yvonne Ye!"

Yvonne eve

n felt her scalp tingled when she heard the cold voice. But there was another more important thing. She looked at Noel and felt inexplicably relieved.

"A lot of people. He killed a lot of people."

Noel took a look at Charles, and the latter understood and led the soldiers away.

Noel grabbed her collar and asked, "what are you doing here in the middle of the night?" If they hadn't happened to be training here, she could have died. He held the mother and son in his arms. Now he was still in a cold sweat, which really frightened him this time. This was the first time that he had sweated because of fear.

All the people present turned back automatically. It was the first time that they saw their captain holding a woman. That was rare.

Jacob was held by his father. He started thinking. It seemed that his father also liked his mother, so he could make a match between him and his mother. He thought to himself, 'Wow, how happy we are.'

Yvonne was stunned by his anger. She didn't have to come here. She came here because her little boy wanted to see the sunrise.


"It's me who asked mommy to come here because I wanted to see the sunrise." Jacob thought to himself, 'mommy is not brave enough to be scared by daddy. I'm a good boy, so I can explain to him.'

"Is there no place in the city for you to watch the sunrise? And why does a little kid need to see sunrise?" He didn't agree with his son.

Jacob opened his mouth wildly and tried to refute, thinking he was looking down on children.

Speaking of her son, Yvonne got angry. She took a step back with her son in her arms, pouted and protested, "my son wants to see the sunrise, so what? I like to take him out." Perhaps it was because she knew that there was no danger now, or perhaps it was because she knew that she would be safe by his side, at this moment, she almost had no fear in her heart, and she had the confidence to stand up for her son.

Mommy was brave, and Jacob was happy in his heart. Mommy would always become a fighter because of him.

"Ho, so you're thinking that you're just doing the right thing? You're not afraid now since you were saved now, right?" Noel snorted and didn't notice that he spoke much more than usual.

Yvonne was depressed. Why did he always make her speechless?

"I... I'm willing to do that."

"Sister-in-law." The leader of a squad came over in a hurry to stop Noel. Although he didn't know when his captain had a wife, he knew that they must call her sister-in-law. "Sister-in-law, he didn't mean anything else. He was just worried about you and the child."

Sister-in-law? Yvonne looked at the man who was holding Noel. He was in a military uniform and his face could not be seen clearly in the darkness. The corners of her mouth twitched slightly. She was not his sister-in-law. She had written the military marriage novels before. She had searched online about the military marriage. She knew as long as the soldier had a higher rank, then his wife would be called sister-in-law.

"No, you misunderstood—"

"Assemble in the front." Noel held her tightly in his arms and held the little boy himself. The little boy was five years old and got so much weight, so he thought Yvonne wouldn't be able to hold him for long.

The little guy looked thin. How could he be so heavy? He looked at him in his arms and saw him looking at him with his big eyes.

Squinting slightly, he guessed that it must be this little boy who incited this woman to appear here.

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