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   Chapter 7 Field Training

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In the early morning, when Jacob got up and saw his mother was still typing, he pouted. He got out of bed and fetched a glass of water for his mother.

Looking at her son, Yvonne held him on her lap and kissed him on the cheek to have a rest. Otherwise, her arm would really be broken.

Jacob looked at the number on the computer and thought, 'it's fifteen thousand words. There's still five thousand words left for mommy to be free.'

Yvonne asked, "Jacob, did Mommy wake you up?"

"Mommy, you must be tired." Jacob rubbed his mommy's arm and signaled her to drink the water.

Yvonne took the cup and drank all the water. She held her son up and said, "Okay, honey. I'll sleep with you. Be good. I'll finish it soon."

Jacob leaned against his mother's chest. He wanted his mother to sleep with him, but his mother would have to lose time finishing her work if she did. Therefore, Jacob crawled into the quilt obediently, closed his eyes and began to sleep.

Yvonne patted her son's little body and gently kissed him on the cheek. The greatest blessing in her life was her dear son.

No matter what happened, she would not let anyone take her son away. Even if she had to trade her life for his, she would keep her son.

In the middle of the night, an emergency whistle rang in the darkness.

Standing by the window of the second floor and watching the scene, Timothy and Charles thought that Noel must be irritated at this time, for he gave the whistle at this time.

"The woman five years ago?" Timothy asked nonchalantly.

Looking at the smile on Charles's face, Timothy really wanted to slap him.

"That child is very cute." After saying that, he turned around and left. The first squad had already set out. As the third squad, they couldn't be left behind.

Yvonne had already made Noel's life extraordinarily wonderful before she officially became part of his life.

The whole first squad gathered in an emergency. Standing in front of the team, there was no warmth on his face. Members of other teams looked at him. He used to be cold, but he was not as cold as today.

"One minute and sixteen seconds? What are you doing? What kind of mission can you accomplish at such a speed? You are all digging your own graves. Listen to me carefully. In this training, if you can't score anything, then leave. Don't waste my time. Let's go!"

When Timothy came down, he saw that Charles had also gathered his team. He frowned and asked, "Why are you in such a hurry?"

Charles smirked, "isn't it your task to stay here? Of course I have to take my team to keep up with Noel."

"Get lost—" Timothy said coldly. He was not the one that chose to stay. It was all because of the draw. He had no luck.

To be honest, he was really curious about the woman that made Noel keep every woman away from him in the past five years. But he did not have the chance to see her for two times. What a pity.

The filed training place this time was very remote. Noel had already found this place long time ago and got the permission of Stanley.

The purpose of the field training was to train everyone's willpower, strengthen the discipline, and improve the team cooperation ability. The mountain here was steep, so it was also a challenge for the soldiers to hike here, which was why Noel chose this place.

After a night's journey, Noel ordered to have a rest. He had never thought of wearing his soldiers out.

Noticing the surrounding mountains, Charles held his waist and asked Noel, "how long do you think it will take? It won't take a month." Charles thought it would only take them two days to finish this training, but Noel to

ld the superior that they needed a month.

Pointing at the mountains not far away, Noel said, "there are swamps, poisonous miasma forest, and a primitive area ahead. Ordinary people can't get out of here in a month." Then he turned to look at Charles and said, "You've been the leader of the third squad after you joined the army before long. There are many people who are not convinced. No matter how many tasks you've completed, they won't be convinced unless you do it in front of them."

"Oh— Now I know why you find such a good place. This is a challenge for our soldiers." Charles's eyes lit up. They were born to like to challenge.

Yvonne slept till noon. Last night, she had sent an e-mail to the editor and wrote ten thousand more words. She wouldn't be urged to finish her novel again.

When she sat up and saw her son packing her suitcase, she looked at him in confusion. "Sweetheart, what are you doing?"

When Jacob saw his mother wake up, he took a travel leaflet and crawled into his mother's arms. "Mommy, look at this. I want to go here to see the sunrise. It's not far away. We can arrive there in two hours by bus."

Holding her son in her arms, Yvonne took the leaflet. It was not technically a scenic spot, but it was beautiful. No wonder her son liked it.

"Do you really want to go?" She didn't ask why. She would support her son whatever he wanted to do.

Jacob nodded his head firmly. His father must have arrived there, but he was in the back of the mountain. They could only go to the front of the mountain. Hopefully they could meet him.

"Okay, Mommy will take you there." She picked up her son and got out of bed to wash. Fortunately, she was smart enough to finish her work yesterday. Today she could play with Jacob for a whole day and the daytime tomorrow.

After arriving at the mountain, Yvonne first formed a team with the people who were going up the mountain. Today, maybe it was because the business was good, and there were more than twenty people who wanted to go up the mountain to watch the sunrise.

On the way, Yvonne held her son's hand tightly. Jacob had something on his mind, so he was not very excited. He just wondered where his father was now.

"Well, everyone, let's stop here. The sunrise in this place is the most beautiful scene. Guys, act like gentlemen. Help everyone set up their tents."

A man seemed to be interested in Yvonne. He took care of her all the way and even held her son for a while on the way.

Now that she was setting up a tent, the man naturally came to ingratiate himself with her.

Jacob looked at him, thinking that he was much worse than his father. He didn't like this man at all. To be honest, the man that Jacob loved most was his father. He didn't like any other men nearing his mother.

The soldiers didn't eat much all day.

The leader of a squad wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "Lieutenant, they have worn out. Let's have a rest and eat something."

Noel glanced at the panting crowd as if he didn't feel tired ay all, "okay, have a rest." Noel then took a look at Charles who was gently kicking his soldiers for fun and said, "Since you're so energetic, you can go to explore the road ahead."

Ignoring him, Charles was actually thinking the same thing. He waved at one of his branch leaders and said, "hey, follow me there. I heard someone's voice."

Noel was adjusting himself. It was only the first day. That girl had been hovering in his mind all the time, and that little boy. It was really not a good thing to go on like this. One month later, no matter what decision she made, he would not let that woman leave.

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