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   Chapter 6 Field Training Begins

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Yvonne's eyes widened as she heard his words. Even Jacob also dropped the noodles he was eating as he heard Noel.

Jacob was speechless. 'Daddy, why don't you take it easy? You just scared my mommy!'

Looking at the dinner on their table, Noel's cold and fierce eyes became even more unfriendly. He looked at Yvonne and said in a deep voice, "you give this kind of meal to my son."

Frightened, Yvonne hugged her son instantly. This was her son, hers alone. She looked at this man with a grim face. Was he the man who slept with her five years ago? No wonder he asked her if she remembered him.

Jacob felt his mother's fear, because his mother held him so tightly that it hurt.

"Mommy, Mommy." Jacob gently patted on Yvonne's back to comfort her. The little man looked at Noel without any fear. He asked Noel to leave, "Uncle, my mommy doesn't know you. You can leave now."

'Uncle again. Like mother, like son. They just keep alienating from me'. Noel thought. Jacob looked so much like Noel when he was a child, but Jacob was a little thin. He looked at their dinner on the table. Was this the only thing they could eat?

Looking at the time, the reason why he came here today was to tell Yvonne that he wanted his son. As for Yvonne, she was indeed his woman no matter what she thought.

"Yvonne Ye." It was the first time that he called out to her name. The name of woman was quite pleasant to hear. He walked two steps forward, held her waist and said, "I'm here to tell you, don't try to escape again, or this thing will not be so easy to end. You have a month to consider. One, keep your son and you leave by yourself, two, both you and your son stay."

"I—" Yvonne wanted to step back, but his arms seemed harder than steel.

When Noel wanted to hold his son, he was dodged by Yvonne. She didn't dare to look at him, but held her son tightly, which was her only life support.

Noel didn't make things difficult for her. He pinched the little boy's face. It felt the same as Yvonne's.

"Little boy, I'm your father. Next time, don't call me uncle. If you call me that again, let's see how daddy will punish you."

"Don't hurt my baby." Afraid that he would really hit her son, Yvonne stared at him and held her son in her arms. Everyone could bully her, but no one could bully her son.

Besides, her baby has a name, not little boy! But she didn't dare to say it out loud.

"Mommy." Jacob continued to comfort his mother. She was frightened by his father.

"Mommy? Just say mom. You need to act like a man." Noel frowned unhappily. This little boy needed to grow up. It was not a good habit and he must correct it.

Jacob was rather speechless. 'Daddy, don't be so arrogant.'

Yvonne was irritated. What's wrong with her son calling her Mommy? Why couldn't he call her Mommy as he liked? The key point was that she was a writer of network novels. In her books, those babies always called their mothers Mommy, so her son also called her Mommy since childhood, and she was used to listening to it.

"I'll come back for you in a month." Regardless of whether Yvonne agreed or not, Noel turned around and left after forcibly announcing his order.

Yvonne was in a daze for a long time after he left. What did he mean? Who did he think he was? Why should she listen to what he said? She was pissed off.

Jacob patted his mother's back. Alas, his mother was so timid. When his father was here, she didn't dare to say a word. After he left, she was angry with him all alone.

"Mommy, don't get angry, but is he really my father?" Jacob blinked his big innocent eyes and asked his truly innocent Mommy. He was going to call Mommy anyway, and he was also calling his father daddy. He didn't care if he would piss off his father.

"God knows." Yvonne put her son down and sai

d, "let's eat."

Jacob climbed onto the chair obediently and thought that he had known that that man was his father indeed. But looking at the noodles which almost turned into paste in front of him, he had lost his appetite.

"Mommy—" He said in a pitiful voice.

Yvonne was still furious as she ate, so she replied, "just eat."

Jacob pouted and thought, 'well, Mommy won't come out of her snail shell again. Alas— in order not to be hungry, I'd better eat.'

But it must be very painful to eat these paste. 'Waah... Godmother, come back quickly! Jacob needs you. Give me some positive energy!' He thought.

After dinner, Yvonne went into her room to type. She had owed a lot of chapters in the past two days. If she didn't make it up, the editor would come to ask for it.

Jacob watched his mother enter her room and turned on the computer. His father must be busy this month, or he wouldn't just leave his mother like that for a month.

He also typed on the keyboard expertly with his little hands. He was so familiar with the computer and he really had to thank his mother for that. When he was little, his mother always held him in her arms to type. And when he cried, his mother would read out what she had written to coax him.

At that time, he was too young to understand his mother's hard work. Gradually, he became more sensible and also recognized more words now. Sometimes when his mommy wasn't at home, he would play and type on the computer by himself. Gradually, he could type more and more words.

How could he not know anything since he had already know how to use the computer? Jacob knew about Noel because he saw Noel accomplished a perfect mission, which was widely reported on the Internet and the epaulet that his mother had always carried with her.

There were some special marks on the lieutenant's epaulet.

As soon as Yvonne logged in the social media app and was about to write her novel happily, she was shocked by the flickering dialog box.

Most of them were about the authors group, and the special one was her editor who was urging her to hand in her paper. The editor was named 'Ghost'.

Ghost said, "where have you been? You haven't hand in any paper for two days. Do you know that?

In order to show her anger, there were several angry emoji attached on it.'

Yvonne shrank her neck and replied with her shivering hands.

Mommy Baby said, "err... I'm sorry. I'm home now. Honey, please don't be angry. I'll definitely finish what I left in the past two days."

Ghost said, "then get into the Dark Room right now."

This time, Yvonne didn't dare to make fun of him. She really had tons of work today. It was twenty thousand words in total. She didn't need to sleep tonight.

Yvonne had been writing novels for so many years, but she still got paid for perfect attendance and buyout of her novels. She was not an expert. She always felt that she lacked something when she was writing, but she couldn't figure out what was missing.

Jacob got the answer he wanted with satisfaction. He knew why his father had to leave for a moth, which was for field training. That would be interesting. He happily went back to his room with his little hands on his back. Seeing that his mommy began to type madly on the keyboard again, he guessed that her editor was urging her again.

Jacob clumsily climbed onto the bed. He had to find a way to tell his mommy that he needed to go somewhere to play with her.

'Let's wait and see! Field training!' He thought.

Note: Dark Room: everyone who wrote online novels knew that this was a super trap especially designed for online writers. As long as you entered and were locked in the Dark Room online, you wouldn't be able to come out until you finished what you needed to do, which was called Dark Room.

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