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   Chapter 5 I Come To Get My Son

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Yvonne went back home and tidied up her clothes. She took a deep breath and looked at the things in her hands. She believed that they wouldn't suspect her.

"I'm back." As soon as Yvonne entered the house, she put the things in her hands into the fridge and said to them with a smile, "there are so many people in the mall today. I've been waiting for a long time to pay the bill."

Emma and Jacob looked at her, trying to find something strange on Yvonne's face, but they all forgot that the only thing she had learned from that family was to endure. As long as she didn't want to, no one would know if she was wronged.

Yvonne put the things in her hands into the fridge and looked at the two constantly staring back and forth on her body. She couldn't help laughing, "what are you two doing? Do I become more beautiful today?" Then she touched her face narcissistically.

"Hmm..." Emma just gave her a fake smile.

Jacob was very polite to his mother, but he just rolled his eyes in his heart and fawned over to his mother. "Mommy is the most beautiful woman in the world, the most beautiful Mommy." Then he kissed his mother on the cheek.

Yvonne accepted his compliment joyfully. She held her son and kissed him on the cheek. "Good boy. Mommy has something to tell your godmother. You can play in the room by yourself first."

Then Jacob was put down by his mommy. He looked at his mommy and godmother and finally went back to his room.

"What's wrong? Why do you have to tell Jacob to leave?" Emma asked, crossing her arms. In her mind, Jacob was the adult in this house, and it was almost impossible to count on Yvonne to be the mature one.

Yvonne was also upset. When she met her sister today, she would definitely tell her father that she had come back. What if her father came to her?

"I'm afraid that she will tell my father when she comes back home, and then—" Yvonne was worried.

Emma stood up in silence. After thinking for a while, she replied, "I don't think so. Your father hasn't said he would look for you in the past few years." Seeing that Yvonne's face darkened, Emma held her hand and comforted her, "honey, don't think about that family. They don't care about you. Aren't you also living a good life without them?"

Yvonne let out a sigh. Of course she knew she also should think it this way. But after all, that man was her father. How could she not think about that? Moreover, when she was very young, her father was very good to her. But after her mother left, her father came back with stepsister and stepmother. From then on, her father didn't even look at her anymore.

However, Yvonne and Emma didn't notice that a little head that was secretly retracted from the room.

Jacob's eyes were full of resentment. 'Grandpa?' He had never heard his mommy mention these people, and today's bad woman. She was his mommy's sister. How could his mommy's sister be so annoying? He had made up his mind. He hated grandpa and their family. They didn't want their mommy, and he didn't want their so-called grandpa and aunt.

When Charles and Timothy were in the army, they had talked about the field training for a period of time. When they saw Noel drive in, no, it could be said that he raced in at a high speed.

Timothy looked back with a poker face. This car had a good price performance, and it didn't matter even if it was racing.

With a mischievous smile on his face, Charles leaned on Timothy's shoulder and asked, "boss, didn't you spend the night with a beauty? Why is the fire still burning?"

Noel cast a cold glance at him and went upstairs to look for the superior. "If you have so much time, just go to arrange this training. Don't let Charles and I clean up the mess for you in the end." Timothy had just studied abroad for less than a year, and he still had some bad habits. He needed to be tempered.

Looking at him, Charles asked, "Hey, is he in a rage?"

"Why do you care?" Timothy said indifferently, turned around and left.

"Come in." A man said after someone knocked on the door.

"Sir, I want to ask for leave." Noel went in and directly explained his purpose. He would never give up unless he won that woman back.

'What? Ask for leave?' His superior, Stanley, spat out the tea in his mouth. How could he ask for leave at this time?

"Say it again! What are you doing?" The look in Stanley's eyes showed that if you dared to say it, I would pour a glass of water on your face.

"I have to ask for leave after the training, until the military drill begins." He was clear about the priority. This training was ma

de for the whole army, and he would never ask for leave at this period of time.

Stanley was finally relieved. "You brat, there's still a month left. Why are you so eager to ask about that? Get out. We'll talk about it later."

Knowing that it meant the consent of Stanley, Noel turned around and was about to leave after saluting.

All of a sudden, something came to Stanley's mind. "Wait. Come back! Come back!" He waved to the person who was about to go out, "You haven't asked for leave before. Aren't you settle in the army? What are you going to do? Why are you so anxious to ask for a month's leave?"

Looking at Stanley, Noel said nonchalantly, "I need to get my son back." Then he closed the door and left.

'Son?' Instead of spat out the water in his mouth, Stanley threw the cup to the door and shouted, "you brat, come back and explain it to me."

Noel didn't care about the roar of Stanley. He just wanted to give him a heads up. After all, he had to rely on him to overcome this problem in the future.

After going downstairs, Noel directly drove out. Watching the scene upstairs, Charles whistled, thinking that there would be a good show to watch.

On the way, Noel received a message from his friend. His eyes were deep and bright. It was all the information about Yvonne. He thought to himself, 'Yvonne Ye, right? If I let you run away again this time, I won't wear this military uniform anymore.

He sped all the way to where Emma lived and strode upstairs.

Yvonne was cooking for Jacob. Emma was called back because of something at home, so there were only two people at home, her and Jacob.

For so many years, the only thing Yvonne could do was to put a poached egg on the boiled noodles. Fortunately, Jacob didn't mind it at all, and every time he ate up everything on the plate.

The noodles were finally ready. After placing the dishes on the table, she carried Jacob to a chair and said, "Dig in."

Before she sat down, she heard a knock on the door. She frowned slightly. Who would come at this time?

"Mommy will go and have a look. Go ahead." She touched her son's head and went to answer the door. The moment the door was opened, she screamed and closed it subconsciously.

Dylan stopped her with one hand and looked at Yvonne who was getting more and more beautiful. To be honest, he didn't have a say in the family now. Everything was up to Ashley Ye. She always argued with him, thinking that he had got the benefit of Ye family.

He had been annoyed with such life and missed Yvonne more and more.

"Yvonne..." Dylan said in a bitter voice.

Yvonne looked at him and thought it was impossible if she said that she didn't feel anything at all. After all, he was the first man she loved.

"What are you doing here?" She couldn't speak out the words' brother-in-law ', which would make her feel disgusted and remind her of the scene she saw in that year.

"Yvonne, you haven't come back home yet, have you? These years, Dad has been..."

"It's none of your business whether she goes home or not."

Yvonne opened her beautiful eyes wide and looked at the man who held her waist consciously. She wanted to retreat, but was held tightly by him.

Noel looked at the man in front of him. With what had happened this morning, it was not difficult to guess who the man was. He glanced at Yvonne coldly. When Noel raised his head, his eyes were filled with coldness. He said indifferently, "Whether she wants to go back or not, her own family hasn't said anything yet. Aren't you too hospitable as her brother-in-law?"

Noel's words made the smile on Dylan's face freeze, but he became afraid of Noel subconsciously as he saw his military uniform.

"Yvonne, anyway, you have to go back home. They are your family."

Biting her lower lip, Yvonne knew that no one wanted her to go back this time except Dylan. Even her father didn't want her to go back.

Looking at the woman who lowered her head like a coward, Noel thought she was quite tough while she was dealing with him. What was she doing now?

"You can get out now." After saying that, Noel held Yvonne in his arms and went straight in and closed the door.

After entering the room, Yvonne took a few steps back and looked at the man who appeared again, with horror in her eyes. But she didn't want to frighten her son, so she didn't lose her mind because of being emotional. She asked in a trembling voice, "what... What are you doing here?"

Through her, Noel saw his son who was looking straight at him with noodles in his mouth.

"I come here to get my son."

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