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   Chapter 4 Being Bullied

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Noel was kissing Yvonne and found that he missed her more deeply than he did. He placed his arms around her waist and wished he could just stay by her side forever.

"Hmm." Yvonne felt that her waist hurt and then frowned.

Noel eased the excitement in his heart and slowly left her lips. When his eyes fell on her red and swollen face, he began to become furious, and there was anger in his hoarse voice. "Are you a fool? Why don't you dodge when you see people coming over?" Now he really felt that he had just slapped Ashley too lightly.

Yvonne swallowed hard and said, "she is my sister." But she felt something was wrong after she said it. Why did she tell him? Who was he?

Noticing her embarrassment and regret, Noel laughed out loud. Touching her swollen cheek, he ordered, "next time when someone hits you, just hit her back. It doesn't matter who she is."

Feeling annoyed, Yvonne pushed him away, wiped her lips and shouted, "who, who are you? It's none of your business." How could he kiss her? She had only been kissed by her baby son since she was born. Of course, there was a man she didn't know, which could be ignored.

'Who am I?' Noel's eyes became dangerous. The woman he had been missing for five years actually asked who he was? That was ridiculous. Maybe he needed to laugh out loud and say that was funny.

Yvonne was shocked by his half smile. She wanted to step back, but there was already a wall behind her. She swallowed hard and got out of his arms. Since she couldn't get out of the door, she had to run to the other side to get away from him. "Well, I, I know you are serving the people, but I'm fine now, so I can leave, right?"

Noel looked at Yvonne with more dangerous eyes and walked towards her step by step, like a whispering Satan.

Noel said dangerously, "I'm giving you the last chance. Do you really not know who I am?"

Suppressed by him, Yvonne didn't dare to move. She searched for the answer in her mind. She wouldn't forget such a handsome face, but she really didn't remember him.

Noel looked at her and knew that she didn't remember anything. His eyes went cold. As she screamed, her snow-white skin was exposed in the cold air.

This time, she was really frightened. She remembered what happened five years ago. Although she didn't remember what happened that night, the pain on her body after she got up on the second day had scared her.

Noel restrained himself from looking at the fear in her eyes and covered her eyes with his big hand. Five years ago, it was this pair of eyes that made him addicted, and it was also those eyes that made him think for five whole years. But the person who he had thought for five years was looking at him with strangers' eyes, and even with panic!

Yvonne lay still, but she was too scared to say anything. Perhaps it was because of her character that she didn't dare to refute everyone in her family since childhood. Even if her sister wronged her, she didn't dare to say a word.

Noel gradually let go of his big hand that was covering her eyes. Looking at her frightened eyes, he lowered his head and gent

ly kissed her ear. Instead of being violent like before, he was a little gentle.

Yvonne reacted and tried to push the man away, but her voice was soft, which she was not familiar with. But she was stopped by his kiss. Even her arms that was pushing him was pressed behind her back.

Looking at Noel, Yvonne bit her lips tightly. Tears ran down the corner of her eyes, but she didn't cry out. She finally gave up struggling.

Finally, with an uncontrollable growl and a muffled groan, the room returned to peace.

Yvonne was so frightened by the strange emotion that she didn't come back to her senses for a long time. She stared at the ceiling blankly. The day before she left the city, she was raped. Why did she have to go through such a thing on the first day she came back again? It seemed that this city was really her nightmare.

After a long time, Noel finally calmed down. This woman was as amazing as five years ago. When he wanted to look up and talk to her, he found her dull expression, which looked like she had been raped.

He suddenly felt angry. What kind of person did this woman think he was? The person who would rape her? And her eyes told him that she was obviously thinking in the same way.

"Woman, what's your expression?" He pinched her chin and asked her fiercely, as if he would strangle her if she dared to say those words he didn't want to listen to.

Yvonne began to come to her senses. She didn't know how to resist. Even now, she didn't know how to fight with those who bullied her.

She pushed Noel away and fell down on the ground when she got out of bed.

"Hello!" Hugo hurriedly went down to help her.

"Don't touch me," Yvonne dodged as if she were frightened. She hugged herself tightly, "don't touch me, don't touch me."

Yvonne's reaction seriously shocked Noel. What did she mean? So what if he touched her? How could she pretend to be so innocent after she gave birth to his baby? In Noel's heart, he thought, 'she was just pretending. Women were good at pretending, weren't they?'

"Woman, stop pretending." He stood up and looked at her coldly. He picked up her clothes and threw them on her. "Put them on. I'll drive you back."

After getting her clothes, Yvonne put them on in a hurry, which at least gave her some confidence. She put them on askew with all her strength, stood up in a hurry, endured the pain between her legs, and almost rushed out of the door when Noel was putting on his clothes.

Looking at the person who went out, Noel asked with curiosity, 'is this another boring technique of women?' He would like to see if this woman had any other means to use, and his dear son, he also had to deal with him. The little guy looked obedient, but he was more rebellious than him in nature.

After Yvonne left the hotel, even midsummer made her so cold. She wiped her tears to prevent herself from crying. He was a powerful military officer, and she was just an orphan who didn't even know who her mother was. How could she fight with others? Since she couldn't fight against others, she could only grit her teeth and accept everything.

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