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   Chapter 3 A Lieutenant And Also A Rascal

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Jacob had already gone back Emma's house with his mother. Along the way, he had been doing some thinking. Judging from the man's uniform, Jacob assumed that his father was a lieutenant colonel. If he was also right with his estimates, his father was just twenty six years old. The man had achieved such an unbelievable feat at such a young age. Jacob glanced at his mother strangely, wondering how she knew such an excellent man.

Emma placed her stuff on the table once they had arrived before wrapping her arms around her best friend. "You're finally back!" she exclaimed.

Yvonne hugged her back. Emma had been the most important person in her life. She had always been there for her during her most difficult time. Whether it was when her mother left her when she was just a child or when her sister and stepmother bullied the hell out of her or when she had to go through all the hardships during her pregnancy, Emma had never left her alone. In fact, she had been her greatest cheerleader.

Emma then walked over to hug Jacob. Tears smudged his woolen shirt as she sniffled. It had been such a long time since she had seen her godson.

Jacob felt helpless. Every time his godmother saw him, she would always get so emotional, but since she was his mother's only friend, he would let her hold him. He had always been a good boy. He patted her on the shoulder awkwardly.

Finally, Emma withdrew her hold and turned to them. "How about I take you out for some lunch? There's a really good hotel nearby," she suggested. Jacob's eyes lit up almost immediately upon hearing his godmother's words. He hadn't been to a luxurious hotel, and he was definitely excited.

Yvonne didn't want to go. She always felt that she already owed too much money to Emma. She held her son. "Honey, how about let's go buy some in the wet market? Mommy will cook for you."

The young man didn't say a word. He really wanted to go eat at the hotel. Every child wanted to go to a fancy place with very yummy food, but he also knew what his mother was thinking. He found himself stuck in a dilemma.

Seeing that Jacob was struggling, Emma picked him up and pretended to glare at her best friend. "If you don't go, then we won't be friends anymore."

Yvonne found herself tracing her empty wallet. She still hadn't been paid for her novel this month, and the invoice was a little more than 1000. It wasn't even enough to cover the rent. Looking at her son's expectant eyes, she gritted her teeth and backed down. She might as well stay up at night to finish more chapters. She smiled. "Fine, let's go."

The hotel was one of the best in the city. As the daughter of the richest man in A City, Emma was actually a regular guest at these kind of luxurious places.

Jacob couldn't help but puff out his chest. He liked the idea of being served and waited on.

When Noel and Charles exited the building. Noel was in a hurry to leave. He was planning to find the woman who ran away five years ago. And he wanted to find the child, his child.

"Wait a minute, Lieutenant Noel and Lieutenant Charles."

The two turned around to see their superior's secretary running towards them. They exchanged a glance and waited for him.

The secretary finally caught up to them. He panted out, "Sir, the superior has made a reservation at the hotel. He asked that you have dinner with him before coming back."

Although Charles had no problem with that, he didn't know how Noel felt about staying.

Noel glanced at the secretary, finding himself in a predicament. Although he could easily turn down the offer, it wasn't a good idea to do so.

Jacob chose a table by the window. He wanted to explore the place by staring out the window.

When Ashley Ye and her husband came to have dinner with their clients, she saw Yvonne by the windowsill. Surprise flashed in Ashley Ye's eyes, but it quickly dissipated. The girl actually had the nerve to come back. Ashley Ye glanced at her husband as they entered the room. By the look on his face, he might not have seen her.

Staring at the menu, Yvonne and her son were almost drooling. They hadn't seen so many food choices in such a long time.

Emma stared at the mother-and-son duo silently. In the past, she was only worrying for Yvonne's safety, now she was worried for both of them.

"Can I order anything I want?" Jacob jumped excitedly. He decided that after his mother and father married, he would definitely ask him to take them here every single day.

Emma took a deep breath and calmed herself down. She smiled. "Of course, Sweetie. You can order absolutely anything you want. We can afford it."

"Yes!" Although he didn't know a lot of words given that he was only five years old, all he needed to see were the pictures. He quickly pointed out what he wanted to order with a prideful grin on his lips.

Yvonne was also having fun ordering the delicious food, but she found herself stopping after estimating the total of what they had just ordered. She pressed against her son's hand as she gazed at the orders written in the waiter's slip. She smiled awkwardly. "That's enough, baby. We can't eat all of them if we ordered too much." These dishes cost thousands in total! It wouldn't be practical to order a lot of them!

Noel, however, though

t the same thing as his son. He ordered a lot without even batting an eyelid. "Just put it on my account," he stated.

Charles raised his cup to cover his face, trying to avoid looking at their superior. 'I know that your family's loaded and you own this hotel, but you don't have to order the entire menu,' he thought.

Noel didn't think so. Obviously, their superior was waiting for them to treat him for some dinner. Therefore, Noel drank some water and waited for the man to speak.

Their leader was so angry that his face was already flushed. "When are you going to change this habit? If the general finds out about this, he'll teach you a lesson," he snapped.

"How can I not treat you to dinner, Uncle Aaron?" Noel said pleasantly. "Besides, I have something to ask you." He thought that Aaron Liu might know something about the company's legal counselor.

Charles maintained his silence. 'Damn it, dude! Stop beating around the bush. Just say that you want the information on Emma Qiao,' he thought, cursing in his heart. —

Aaron Liu leaned in. In fact, he was interested in what Noel wanted to say. It was extremely rare for Noel to ask anything from him. "What do you want to ask? I'll tell you anything you want to know."

Noel placed his cup on the table and looked up at him. "Uncle, is there a person named Emma Qiao working in your company? She's a legal counselor."

Aaron Liu's eyes lit up at his words. "Are you interested in her?" That in itself was extremely rare.

Charles choked at the man's words. His fist thumped against his chest, trying to clear his airway.

Noel shot Charles a glare before continuing, "I just want to know more about Emma's friend. Do you know her?"

Aaron Liu furrowed his eyebrows.

"I've never seen her friends before, but don't underestimate Emma Qiao. She may be a woman, but she definitely keeps up with her male colleagues," he warned.

When Dylan Lin returned from the bathroom, he saw Yvonne by the window. He couldn't help but walk over. "Yvonne?"

At this moment, Yvonne had been telling Emma something interesting that had happened to her son while they were away. When she heard someone calling her, she turned around. The smile automatically fell from her lips.

"Mommy, what's wrong?" Seeing that his mother was unhappy, Jacob frowned. He stared up at the man. 'Where did he come from? Does Mommy know him?' he thought.

'Mommy?' Dylan Lin furrowed his eyebrows in disbelief, glancing at the two. Yvonne was still as beautiful as before, but he couldn't imagine that she actually had a son. He pointed at the little boy. "This is your son?"

"Uncle, it's impolite to point at others. Don't you know that?" Jacob's face darkened.

Seeing that her husband still hadn't returned, Ashley Ye went out to look for him. When she saw that Dylan Lin was standing in front of Yvonne, her face flushed with anger. She went over and slapped Yvonne without giving her a chance to explain. "You bitch! You can't even wait to seduce him as soon as you came back?"

Noel, who had just stepped out of the elevator, was shocked at the scene. He clenched his fists.

Seeing that the woman dared to hit his mother, Jacob rushed from the sofa and pounced on Ashley, biting her arms.

Ashley screamed, about to wrench the kid away.

"Honey!" Yvonne yelled out. She had been bullied by her stepsister ever since she was a child, so being slapped like that had been normal for her back then. But she wouldn't allow anyone to bully her son!

Noel didn't even waste any time as he strode over. He grabbed his son before he could be wrenched away and slapped the woman right on the face. She must want to live six feet under for being such a bitch!

Charles blinked. 'Boss is fast!' Seeing that Aaron was about to head towards them, Charles held him back. "Uncle Aaron, let the young man handle his own business."

Covering her bruised face, Ashley gazed up at the man. She flushed in embarrassment. When she saw that Dylan was still looking at Yvonne, she slapped him, snarling, "Your wife was just hit, and you're still looking at that tramp!" She didn't give her husband a chance to reply before running away.

"Honey!" Yvonne hurriedly rushed to her son, glancing at his arms. "Let Mommy check if you're hurt."

"Dylan, you bastard! Why don't you keep your wife in control?" Emma snapped in disdain. If Noel wasn't so fast, she would've already slapped the couple.

Dylan gazed at Yvonne as his eyes shone with regret. In the end, he turned and left, not bearing to look at her any more.

Yvonne didn't even notice that he left as she held her son in her arms. She didn't know how to face the first man that she had loved.

Seeing Yvonne like this, Noel was furious. He quickly placed Jacob in Emma's arms and hauled Yvonne into the elevator.


Emma was about to chase after them, but Jacob stopped her. This was the perfect chance for his parents to finally get together.

Yvonne furrowed her eyebrows. She flushed, not registering what was happening.

"You... Hmm..." As soon as the elevator door closed, Noel quickly leaned over for a kiss. Her eyes widened, recognizing the man as the one who had saved her son at the bus station. 'You're a lieutenant! Why are you acting like a rascal?'

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