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   Chapter 2 The Baby Is Coming

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In the huge bus station, a mother was carrying her son out of the bus with teary eyes. 'I'm back,' the woman whispered in her heart as she gazed at the boisterous city. The little boy beside her eyed the crowds curiously as he dug his fingers into his palm. 'Daddy, I'm here. Just wait and see,' he thought.

Yvonne held her son's hand. This place had invaded her dreams and her nightmares, and she couldn't help herself but to return. It was here when she had made love to a man she didn't even know. He left her without saying anything, but he did leave her the most sweetest thing in her life right now, her son.

Yvonne couldn't help but pinch her son's chubby little cheeks. He just looked so adorable. It was a wonder how she could help create this beautiful boy.

Jacob Ye stared at his mother helplessly. Although he hated getting his cheeks pinched, he had to stand it because of his mother.

Seeing this, she withdrew her hand. Yvonne gazed at the station, pursing her lips when she couldn't see the person she was looking for. "Honey, why hasn't your godmother come yet? Give her a call."

Jacob Ye rolled his eyes playfully. He had always wondered how his mother would live without him. He grabbed the phone and called his godmother, warning her jokingly that if she didn't pick them up now then, his mother might be taken away in an instant.

While he was making the call, Yvonne lowered her head from the sun, blocking her face from its burning rays.

Suddenly, a loud commotion broke through the peaceful street. As soon as Yvonne turned to grab her son, she saw that he had gone missing!

"Mommy!" Jacob Ye screamed, capturing her attention in an instant.

Yvonne threw her luggage to the side before rushing towards her son.

Although Jacob Ye was being taken by an unknown man, there was no trace of panic in his gaze. In fact, he even looked calm. When the man was about to cross the road, Jacob glanced at the group of officers ahead. "Mommy, help! Help–"

Noel and Charles Chu were discussing about their field training when they heard a scream at the other end of the road. Their head snapped up in attention as they straightened their back, following the source of the scream.

Seeing that a woman was chasing after him, the man ran out of the sidewalk and onto the road regardless of the incoming cars.

"Jacob!" Yvonne screamed desperately. She didn't even bother to look at the cars as she was about to step out of the sidewalk.

Charles and Noel shared a look and nodded. While Charles grabbed Yvonne before she could rush out, Noel raced down the road. Soon enough, he finally caught up to the man. He grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him back, taking the child with ease. He held the child with one hand and kicked the man towards the other side of the road. Such a scumbag shouldn't hinder the traffic.

The green light lit up, and Charles finally released Yvonne. She stumbled over to her son and held him tightly in her arms. "You scared the hell out of me." Her voice was already trembling as she gripped him even tighter.

Jacob patted his mother on the back. "Mommy, I'm fine. Don't worry," he said softly. However, there was a small smile that threaded across Jacob's lips as he gazed at the situation he had gotten himself into. 'Daddy, you're so hard to find, but it seems it didn't take me a minute of arriving here to finally see you,' he thought.

The man was about to run away when Charles held him down, glancing up at Noel. Noel seemed to be staring into space, as if he had just been frozen in time. It was rare for Charles to see his boss in such a daze.

Yvonne finally

came to her senses and stomped over to the man with her son in her arms. As she stared down at the man, she kicked him on the shins. "How dare you take my son?" she demanded. "How dare you?"

The man covered his head. "Who are you?"

Charles couldn't help but burst into laughter. It seemed that the kidnapper mistook Jacob for his target. "She's the mother of the child you stole."

Before Yvonne could kick anymore, a figure suddenly rushed up towards them. The woman grabbed the man's collar and snapped, "Who are you? You dare kidnap my godson, asshole? I'll sue you to death!" That was none other than Emma Qiao. Without giving him any chance to explain, she started punching and kicking him as if she was in a wrestling match.

"It was just a misunderstanding! Please, please stop!" he yelled, trying to explain himself.

When they heard that, Yvonne flushed in outrage while Jacob rolled his eyes. Charles was still smiling, and Emma Qiao had finally stopped beating the man up.

Finally, the police came over and took the man away.

After making sure that Jacob was fine, Yvonne gazed up at the two men. "Thank you. We-"

Noel finally snapped back into reality. He grabbed Yvonne's wrist and pulled her closer, eyeing her intensely. This was the woman he had been searching for, for five years. He finally found her.

Yvonne frowned, narrowing her eyes. Although he looked familiar, she didn't know who this man was.

Noel gritted his teeth. It was either the woman didn't remember him or she didn't even know him at all. Her response was driving him crazy.

Jacob crossed his arms. 'Daddy doesn't look happy. Mommy's being so silly. He will definitely pay her back,' he thought. He raised his lovely face and smiled at the two men. 'Uncle, thank you for doing what you just did. We're leaving.'

Noel's stare fell on the young boy's face. He didn't miss the way Jacob's eyes flashed in recognition. Slowly, he let go of Yvonne's hand and watched the three leave his sights.

Glancing at his watch, Charles wanted to laugh at the scene happening before him, but he held it back for the sake of his friend. "The driver's here," he noted, nodding at the Hummer on the other side of the road. "Let's go. We still have a meeting to attend."

Withdrawing his gaze, Noel got into the car with Charles right behind him.

Glancing at the document in his hand, Charles smirked as the little boy's face came into his mind. "You know, the child looks familiar. I still remember the day you came into the family residences when you were three years old," he joked. "You two looked exactly alike. Is there something I should know?"

Noel held another set of documents in his hands, but he wasn't reading them. Instead, he looked up at his friend. "Since you're so happy, how about I talk with Lori?"

Charles lowered his head almost immediately. "The field training is expected to last for a month. The drills will be held soon once we return," he noted, implying that Noel must deal with this issue quickly. However, that boy was not something that was easy to deal with. In fact, it was the most complicated thing that had landed on Noel's lap. Charles resisted the urge to gloat. 'Is this karma? Noel always bullied us when we were children. I think the tables have finally turned.'

Noel glared at him. "Who is that woman?" The woman that had just walked pass their window looked incredibly familiar.

"Emma Qiao. She's a legal counselor. I think she's working as a lawyer now."

Noel nodded. Now that he had found this one, then finding the other woman would be much easier. This time, he wasn't going to let her go.

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