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   Chapter 1 Prelude

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The bar was bustling with people. Its luxurious atmosphere invited many guests. There were people crowding over the dance floor as they tried to drunkenly sway their hips.

Yvonne Ye's face was flushed from drinking. She smiled, snorting as she took another glass. 'My ex has just become my brother-in-law. How great is that?' She chugged the glass down. Today was the shameless couple's wedding day. Her so-called sister had even asked Yvonne Ye to be her bridesmaid. The nerve of her!

Leaning against the bar, Noel Cheng scanned at the different ladies standing before him. This had become his habit. At this day of every year, he would come to the bar to find a woman that could serve his indulgence.

In this bar, he was neither a high-ranking official nor a legendary member of the special force. He was just a normal man who wanted to be pleasured.

Perhaps it was because he had drunk too much today that he suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom. Averting his sharp gaze from the dance floor, the cold man stood up and walked towards the bathroom. All of a sudden, a woman threw herself into his arms. The smell of alcohol wafted across his nostrils. He glared at the woman.

'How bold!'

He didn't expect that she would throw herself at him shamelessly. Normally, he would push such a woman onto the floor, sneering at the way she had touched him. However, this wasn't just any other night.

He pinched Yvonne Ye's chin and lifted her face. Although she didn't have any make-up on, he liked her. She might not be the most beautiful woman in the bar, but there was something about her that seeped out a certain kind of innocence that attracted him to no end. Holding the woman in his arms, Noel Cheng led her into his usual room.

Timothy Mu had just returned from the bathroom when he saw Charles Chu laughing outrageously. He cocked up an eyebrow as he followed the man's gaze. "Has our boss found a target?" It had happened so fast. Honestly, with how drunk Noel Cheng had been, they thought that he wouldn't be able to find anybody.

The smile on Charles Chu's face didn't falter. Instead, he downed his drink and turned to Timothy Mu. "The girl's interesting," he noted lightly. This had been the first time in the past three years that Charles Chu had seen anger flashing in Noel Cheng's eyes the moment he caught sight of the woman falling against him. "Let's go. We've already violated the rules. Let's just hope we don't get into trouble when we get back."

Still Timothy Mu stared coldly. He had always refused to drink whenever they came here. His job was to keep an eye on his boss - that was it. Now, seeing as everything was sorted out, they needed to leave.

He glanced at Charles Chu's glass in disdain. What kind of man would go inside the bar and order a glass of juice?

This was just too embarrassing.

Noel Cheng took the drunken Yvonne Ye back to his room, held her down, and went to the bathroom to answer the call of nature. Then he took a shower. While he was showering, he heard a thud from the other side of the room. Quickly, he placed his bathrobe and rushed to the scene. What greeted him had only turned him on even further.

Yvonne Ye had already taken off all her clothes. She was the one who had fallen to the ground, and now, she was already getting up. She turned around, vaguely seeing someone by the d

oor of the bathroom. Then she stumbled over and reached out. She let her hands slide against his body. "All men are bastards," she murmured to herself before looking up at the man. Yvonne Ye narrowed her eyes, trying her best to scrutinize the man in front of her. A smile threaded across her lips. "So handsome," she flirted. "How much for one night?"

His face darkened. 'Did she just ask me that question?' He gritted his teeth. Without another word, he threw her onto the bed.

Yvonne Ye was about to yell out when he pinned her down and kissed her hard on the lips.

Subconsciously, Yvonne Ye bit his lips and threw her hands around his neck. "Yummy," she whispered, before letting him devour her.

She had never thought that it would feel this good.

Noel Cheng gazed into her eyes as she stared up at him, curious as to what she was going to do next. Her bright eyes blurred under the glistening light, looking like a thousand crystals.

He pulled her up and kissed her again, entering her gently as she screamed in pleasure.

In the early morning, Noel gazed at the woman beside him. She was already fast asleep. He turned her over so that she could lie on top of his chest. Trailing his fingers across her sweaty face, he smiled in satisfaction. He held her in his arms and closed his eyes, wanting to sleep for a while. Noel wanted to know everything about her. With just one look in her glistening eyes, he found himself mesmerized by her innocence.

In a few hours, it was already daybreak. Noel stood up. While he was setting aside the quilt, he saw that the girl was already curled up at the other side of the bed.

He squinted his eyes and covered her with the quilt, leaving a gentle kiss on her forehead. A heartfelt smile threaded across his lips for the first time. Noel was determined to have the woman lying next to him.

After taking a shower, he called the receptionist for breakfast in bed. Although he wasn't sure how the woman would react, he wanted to give her a good impression. He lifted her bag, only to see that an invitation had slipped out. With the invitation were dozens of notes. He pursed his lips. Did the woman come to the bar like this?

Noel opened the invitation to see the names of the bride and groom, but there was no name of the person being invited. Glancing over at the woman on the bed, he understood how she felt that night. This must have been a slap on the face. Who on earth would do such a thing?

Seeing as there was no ID card on the bag, he could only wait for her to wake up. Then, he would be able to ask her everything he wanted to know.

"Mommy!" Yvonne suddenly whispered. She held the pillow tightly in her arms as she snuggled in closer.

Noel reached out his hand and touched her head.

He closed his eyes and lay beside her, waiting for her to wake up. A peaceful moment like this rarely happened. It had been so long since he had lay down so comfortably.

Suddenly, his phone rang, breaking the atmosphere around him. Noel opened his eyes in an instant. He started dressing up already as he answered his phone.

"Boss, we have an emergency situation."

Within ten seconds, he had already tidied himself up and was ready to go. As he reached the doorway, he gazed back at the woman sleeping on the bed. 'Wait for me to come back and marry you,' he thought before slipping away.

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