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   Chapter 242 Exactly The Same (Part One)

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Mary and William were on the bed.

"Mary, be a good girl and give me the phone," William pleaded as he pressed his body on top of Mary's. "If anyone sees these photos, my reputation will be ruined."

"You deserve it." Mary hid her phone under her body and grumbled, "You did something wrong and I'm sure you'll do it again. I have to keep this as evidence in case you make another mistake!"

"Okay, okay." William sighed in defeat. He knew he had no choice so he just lowered his head and kissed Mary on the cheek. "You can do whatever you want. You can keep the photos too. Does it mean that you have forgiven me?"

"Answer my question first," Mary said as she stared at him seriously.

"Sure, go ahead."

"How did you keep the channel unchanged when you were kneeling on the remote control?"

"That's because..." With a sly smile, William answered, "I took out the battery when you were not looking."

"Eh? Wow, you are so cunning!" Mary exclaimed in amazement.

"Ha ha!" William laughed at her priceless reaction. "I know it's smart of me to do that. Anyway, Mary, please forgive me! Please! I will never let Alick and Elissa get hurt again!"

Mary rolled her eyes and warned him, "This is the last time!"


"Of course it's easy for you to make such a promise! But, men are unreliable." The more she spoke, the angrier she became. "How many women have you had in the past four years?"

Cold sweat began to seep from William's back. Nevertheless, he answered calmly, "There is no woman! I was just making a show. You are my only woman.

But you were so close to Victor..."

"Were you jealous?" Mary asked with her eyes wide open.

"Yes, I was." William nodded.

"Then why didn't you admit it back then?!" Mary glared at him and continued, "I told you I liked you. You must have been so proud!"

"I couldn't tell how I felt at that time."

"Of course—" Before Mary could even finish her sentence, William suddenly kissed her on the lips. As if in a daze, he said, "Mary, let's have another baby."

"You... What did you say?" Mary was stunned so William sprang into action.

"I just want to have another baby with you." While pouting, he recalled what Barry had said just now. Barry's words echoed in his mind until now. "From pregnancy to birth, I want to see our child grow up little by little. I want to be the first person to

ng aside, Mary could do nothing but watch Victor and Ena's heartbreaking scene.

"What do you like about me anyway? Do I have to like you just because you like me?" Victor said to her slowly, emphasizing his every word. "Your career has just begun. It's better not to think about personal problems for the time being. Even if you do think about it, you have no possibility with me."

After saying that, he turned around and left, leaving no chance for Ena to respond.

Not long after, Mary's phone rang. It was a message from Victor. "I'll tell you in detail about the contract signing when you come this afternoon."

Tears streamed down Ena's face relentlessly. Mary put her phone back in her pocket and helped Ena to sit down to calm her down.

"Are you okay?" Mary asked comfortingly. "What Victor meant was... He agreed on participating in the movie because we're friends. That's all. Don't get him wrong."

"Mary," Ena said in between sobs, "I just don't understand why he is so cold to me."

Mary patted her on the back comfortingly and said nothing.

"Mary, why did you ask me to come here today?" It took Ena a long time to calm down.

"To make you sign the contract," Mary explained. "I wonder if you are still in the mood to talk about it."

"I know, Mary." Ena nodded and continued, "But I want to go to the same company as Victor."

Mary looked at her in surprise. Nevertheless, she nodded in agreement. "It's your own business. I respect your choice."

In the afternoon, Mary went out to meet with Victor, in the most beautiful part of the city.

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