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   Chapter 240 Apologies (Part One)

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All of a sudden, the door on the other side of the private room opened. However, Frank remained unconcerned and unmoved.

Corbett walked through the door. Noticing that Frank's eyes were closed and his expression seemed as if he was in a daze, he asked, "What's wrong? Are you planning on how you'd expose the contents of this flash drive?"

Corbett asked and Frank responded with a snort. Was he going to show William? Of course not. He was actually planning on showing this to Mary Lu.

Frank opened his eyes but he did not answer Corbett. Instead, he asked him a question. "What have you been doing here recently?"

"I missed you."

"Fuck off!"

Corbett shrugged his shoulders and said seriously, "The loss is too big recently. I suspect that the police are watching my moves. I had no choice but to come here and deal with them myself."

"Does this mean that you are going to be in trouble soon?" Holding the flash drive, Frank stood up abruptly and added, "I think I'd be happy to see you in prison."

"Ha ha! I didn't expect you to be so affectionate to me." Corbett smiled slyly. "Even if I was caught, you would still come and see me regardless of the risk of being suspected. Are you in love with me?"

Anger flashed through Frank's eyes. He stared at Corbett for a while and left coldly.

Corbett did not keep him. He just frowned and gave a gentle wave.

"Young lord," a bodyguard came up and said respectfully.

"Send more people to watch over him. Don't let him be in danger."

"Yes, young lord."

In Silverland Mall. After a busy day, people could finally release their true nature at night. Eating, shopping, and singing, they were doing their best to enjoy themselves after a long tiring day.

The mall was filled with bustling crowd and noise, and everyone seemed happy.

Meanwhile, William walked in the crowd, accompanied by Virgil.

"How's it going?" asked William.

"Everything is done and everyone has been notified. What happened today wouldn't happen again," answered Virgil. He did not do anything in the company the whole afternoon except deal with the CEO's private affairs.

He personally called every woman who had something to do with the CEO, including female clients who had previously worked with him, female stars, even female employees who wanted to be promoted. All of them were notified that their relationship with t

ion again. There was unwillingness and grievance in his eyes. Why did Mary ignore him and leave without saying anything? Who was on the phone with her just now?

"Boss?" Virgil craned his neck and followed William's gaze.

"Nothing." Shaking his head, William thought, 'Mary must still be angry with me.' "Have you finished?" he asked.

"Yes, everything is done. The toys will be delivered to your home soon."

"That's good." William nodded and said, "That's all right. You can... get off work now." William realized that he had to go home and apologize as soon as possible.

"Oh, it's time to get off work!" Virgil exclaimed.

Outside the Silverland Mall.

The woman with an ice cream quickly passed through the crowd and walked towards a silver-white sports car.

"Here!" A woman was waiting for her inside. It was Jazlyn, who was suffering from a shoulder injury. Seeing that the woman was approaching the car, Jazlyn asked her while staring, "Boss, what's in your hand?"

"Well!" The woman got into the car and handed the ice cream to Jazlyn. "Of course, an ice cream! I just craved for it suddenly. You know, I seldom had it when I was a kid. By the way," said the woman excitedly, "I just met a very handsome man and he greeted me. I haven't seen such a handsome man in so many years!"

"Boss," said Jazlyn, who was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. She started the car and continued, "No wonder! You just saw a handsome man and suddenly you couldn't walk anymore? You are the embodiment of justice yet you are like this. How can you be attracted by a man's appearance?"

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