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   Chapter 239 Banning Beth (Part Two)

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"Another kid? Gee!" Beth pushed Alick's head in disgust and shouted, "Get out of here! Two uneducated bastards! Don't pull my clothes!"

"What are you doing? Stop it!"

Suddenly, a loud shout came from behind them. William had just arrived and he witnessed such a shocking scene.

"Ouch, Mr. Lan." When Beth heard William's voice, she pushed Alick away and pretended to be sad and tearful.

It only took two steps for William to walk from the door to his desk. The anger in his eyes was so intense it could almost burn Beth to ashes.

With a loud sound, he slapped Beth across the face.

It happened so fast Beth almost did not see what William had done. She only felt a burning sensation on her face and her mind went blank. Her body trembled and she could not stand firm.

"Beth An!" William hissed when she mentioned her name. His hand encircled Beth's slender neck and squeezed it. His blue veins protruded in his hand and the joints of his knuckles turned pale because of the force.

"Ah!" Before Beth could even come to her senses from the slap, William strangled her. His grip tightened and her face turned bluish. She could not breathe so she desperately stretched out her hand and patted William's hand. "Mr... Lan!" she said with difficulty.

"They are my children!" All of a sudden, William pushed Beth against the wall. His grip was so strong Beth's feet lifted from the ground. "What were you doing just now? Huh?! Do you want to die? I'll give you a free ride!"

William's expression was almost distorted. The children he wanted to take good care of were bullied again!

Beth was in danger from hypoxia, but what William had said echoed in her mind clearly. These two were actually William's children? How come?

William's grip on Beth's neck seemed to be unceasing. "I'll teach you a lesson to let you know what happens if anyone tries to bully my children!"

Beth could hardly breathe. Her eyes were full of tears and her makeup was smudged all over her face. "Boss, I was just... Kidding... Kidding with them."

"Boss—" With a file in his hand, Virgil casually pushed the door open and saw what was going on in the office. Without saying anything, he rushed to William, and grabbed his arm at once. "Mr. Lan, please let go of her! We are in the company now! Killing people is illegal! Oh my God! Boss, what is wrong with you?"

"Illegal? Who cares?" William sneered. "Today, I have to kill her for certain!"

Virgil looked around anxiously. He caught a glimpse of Alick and Elissa, who were huddling together and watching William intently. Again, he tried to persuade William. "Mr. Lan, please calm down. Your children are watching! They would be scared! Calm down!"


As if he woke up from a daze, t


She was supposed to win this year's award of best leading actress. How did things become like this all of a sudden?

If she could not step into the entertainment industry again, how would she survive in the future? Gosh! William had completely blocked all her paths! Would she be like Andy?


An idea suddenly came to Beth's mind.

That night, regardless of the bruises on her neck and the marks on her face, Beth entered a senior club awkwardly. She wore a hat, scarf, and mask to conceal the marks.

In the private room of the club, a man was making tea elegantly.

Suddenly, the door creaked open.

"Here you are." Without raising his head, Frank picked up the teacup and smelled it. "What can I do for you?"

"Here I am," Beth answered in a hoarse voice and removed all her accessories.

"What happened to you?" Frank asked with raised eyebrows. A horrified expression flashed through his eyes.

"I was beaten by William Lan," Beth answered in a low and hoarse voice. She told Frank everything and he listened to her intently with a frown.

"So you came here today to ask for money?" Frank smiled.

"Yes!" Beth nodded. She had nothing, and she could not live without money. The only person who could help her right now was the man in front of her.

"I can give you what you want, but you should also give what I want."

"Of course." Beth took out a small USB flash drive from her bag and handed it to Frank. "The videos are all in it."

Frank took the flash drive, played with it for a while and said, "Okay. The money will be transferred to your account tomorrow."


"See you around."

After putting back her mask, scarf, and hat, Beth left furtively.


Frank closed his eyes in pain and agony. 'Do you know that I have been waiting for an opportunity?'

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