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   Chapter 238 Banning Beth (Part One)

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The family of four reached the 32nd floor shortly.

Jane, who had just come back to work after the marriage leave, jumped out of the desk excitedly when she saw Mary and the children.

"Mary, why are you here?"

"I just came here to have a look," said Mary as she nodded at Jane. "How have you been?"

As the two ladies greeted each other, William stood aside while holding the two kids in his arms.

"I am fine," Jane responded with a smile. "Mary, boss... Are the two kids in boss's arms your children?"

"Well... yes, they are." Mary nodded and said to the two kids, "Say hi to Aunt Jane."

"Hello, Aunt Jane."

"Aunt Jane, hi."

"Good boy! Good girl!" Jane said with a maternal look. "They are so adorable, Mary. This little boy looks exactly like boss! The little girl looks like you too! I'm so envious!"

"If you are envious, you should work hard with Kevin!" Mary teased her, and laughed.

"Mary..." Jane whispered her name shyly.

"Dad, can I go out and play anywhere?" asked Elissa.

"Sure, but you have to stay on this floor only or you'll be lost." After putting Elissa down, William said to Alick, "Alick, go with your sister. Don't run or you'll get hurt."

"Got it!"

"Alick, you have to follow me. I've been here before," said Elissa proudly.

"Well, Mary, I won't disturb you," said Jane as she stroked her stomach. "I'm going to have lunch. I'm so hungry."

"Oh, right," said Mary, and she lifted the lunch box she was carrying. "Look, I brought this lunch. Have a taste of my cooking!"

"Wow, really? May I?" Jane's eyes lit up. "Then I must have a try!" When she was about to take it, a big hand snatched the lunch box away from her before she could even touch it.

With an unfriendly look on his face, William held the lunch box and said to Jane coldly, "You can go to the canteen to eat."

"William!" The corners of Mary's mouth twitched, and her face suddenly flushed.

Jane was stunned. It took a few seconds before she was able to process what was happening. She raised her eyebrows and said, "Then I'll go to the canteen for lunch. Mary, I'm afraid no one else could have the honor to enjoy your lunch except boss!" With that, she ran away while giggling.

"Jane!" Mary called her again but Jane was already in the elevator.

"Let's go eat." Naturally, William took Mary's hand and led her to the lounge.

"You! You're so shameless!" Ashamed, Mary

. She took off her sunglasses, revealing her heavy makeup. She looked around, only to see William was nowhere to be found.

She took a closer look and saw a little girl sitting at the desk.

'Who is this kid?' Beth thought. She twisted her waist, threw her sunglasses on the table, and shouted at Elissa, "Who are you, kiddo? What are you doing here? Where is the CEO?"

"What is CEO? I came here to see my father, Aunty," Elissa raised her head and answered respectfully.

"Aunty?" Beth stared at her with her hands on her hips. "Who are you? Such an uneducated brat! Haven't your parents taught you how to address others properly?! You must be the daughter of that damn assistant outside!

How dare you sneak in here? Who do you think you are?" Beth pointed at Elissa and scolded her. The more she scolded, the angrier she became. Suddenly, she reached out and pulled Elissa's ear. "You little freak!"

"Ouch!" Elissa cried in pain. She instinctively reached for her ear and tears welled up in her eyes. "You are a bad woman!" she roared. "I'll ask Dad to beat you up!"

"Beat me up? Humph!" Beth sneered, and reached out to grab Elissa's hair. "Okay! Go ahead! Ask your father to come here and see if he can beat me up!" she shouted menacingly.

"Ouch! It hurts! It hurts!" Elissa cried out because of fear and pain. She struggled to get out from Beth's grab and screamed, "Dad, help me! Mommy! Woo! Alick!"

"Elissa!" Hearing his sister's cry, Alick ran to the office immediately. As soon as he saw his sister being bullied, he rushed over and pulled Beth's clothes. "Let go of my sister!"

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