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   Chapter 237 Find Her (Part Two)

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Lucas blushed and stammered, "You! Why do you ask so many questions?"

"I just want to see if you are on the same level," answered William with a sardonic smile. The answer was self-evident.

"Yes, we are. Okay?"

"Okay." William nodded with satisfaction.

"Forget it. I have an operation this afternoon. I have to go to the hospital." After taking one last look at the portrait, Lucas turned around and left.

"Then I won't see off Dr. Murong who is kind and heroic. I'll keep the portrait for you."

"Screw you! Don't forget to send the information about her as soon as possible!" Lucas's voice echoed in the office and finally disappeared.

Hearing that, William shook his head with a smile. Seeing that Lucas had already left, he frowned slightly.

Last night, there was a woman who was injured on a crowded street. A City was not peaceful anymore!

In the building of GM Universing Studios.

Mary felt a little weird as soon as she entered.

"Good morning, Manager Lu!"

"Morning." Mary greeted the employee with a smile.



Mary passed through the hall, about to walk to the elevator.

"Yes, it's her."

"Ah, what a pity."

"Mr. Gu doesn't look like that kind of person! Why did he get involved with Selah?"

The last second before she got in the elevator, Mary finally heard the most important information.

It turned out that they were talking about the gossip recently. It was hard to say whether it was a scandal or not. Selah was nice, but she already had a son. Barry, alas...


The elevator arrived at the top floor shortly. As soon as the door opened, Mary saw Barry and Selah standing side by side in front of the elevator.

"Manager Lu." Selah greeted her first, who looked flustered.

"Hi, Selah." Mary smiled and walked out of the elevator. She then turned to greet Barry. "Hello, Mr. Gu."

"Hi." Barry nodded and walked into the elevator expressionlessly.

"Well, Manager Lu, we are leaving now," said Selah.

"Bye." Mary smiled at her. She did not dare look at Barry until the elevator door had closed.

"Mary, are you okay?" Her assistant, Jill, walked up to her and noticed that Mary looked a bit pale. "Mr. Gu and Selah are just going out for an interview. Please don't take it to heart, Mary," she said with concern.

"Yes. Of course I'm fine." Mary hurriedly explained, "I'm just a good friend of Barry. I really hope that he could find his Miss Right as soon as possible."


"All right," said Mary with a smile. "Let's go to work." With that, she turned around and left.

Puzzled, Jill scratched her head and thought, 'I can't get involved in my boss's affairs. I'd better go to work.'

In the elevator, the atmosphere was a little stiff.

"You," Selah bit her lips and asked Barry, "You don't want to clarify the scandal. Is it because of Manager Lu?"

Barry glanced at her but said nothing

. Lan's children."


Mary, who followed William closely, felt very uncomfortable to feel the employees' gazes.

"Dad, what are these uncles and aunts looking at?" asked Elissa, who was nestled in William's arms.

"Maybe it's because Elissa is cute." William rubbed her nose lovingly.

"Dad, Mommy brought you lunch. She cooked your favorite chicken wings!"

"How wonderful!" William asked with a smile, "Have you and your sister eaten?"

"Oh my God! I heard them call him Dad. They are really Mr. Lan's children!"

"Breaking news..."

"Wait! Wait! I have to go back and publicize it first!"

"I'll also go to our department to gossip."

Mary's mind was in a mess when she heard the discussions around her.

"William, are you free this afternoon?"

"Yes, I am," answered William in a hurry. "What do you want me to do, Mary?"

" I just want you to watch over the two kids. I have to go to the company later but the kids are insisting on staying with you. Take care of them. Just ask the nanny to take them back when you need to work."

"Go to the company again? Why?" When William spoke, his tone was sour and a hint of jealousy was evident. "Mary, don't go to work. Can't you just stay at home and take care of our children?"

"No way!" Mary shook her head firmly. "A woman should have her own career. She can't rely on her man all the time!"

"Then... then come to my company and be my assistant as before."

"I'm fine working at GM now. Why should I come back?" Mary raised her eyebrow and added, "Besides, you have so many beautiful assistants. It's not convenient for me to join them!"

"I knew it!" Elissa suddenly continued their topic. "Dad has many beautiful aunts around him, right?"

"I..." Embarrassed but unable to lose his temper, William said, "There is no beautiful aunt, Elissa. I only have your mommy by my side, understand?"


"Good girl! That's my good girl!"

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