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   Chapter 236 Find Her (Part One)

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It was a fresh and pleasant morning. One would say that nothing else was more comfortable than sleeping in then waking up late naturally.


In his apartment, Lucas lazily stretched under the sheets and scratched his head with his eyes closed. He stretched indulgently, turned over, and groaned on the bed. After a few minutes of morning stretches, he finally sat up.

Lucas struggled to open his eyes as he grabbed the small alarm clock at the bedside table. His eyes widened when he saw the time. "It's half past ten? Really?"

Sure enough, last night was so crazy.

Lucas quickly looked at the other side of the bed, only to find no one. He even lifted the quilt to make sure he was alone. 'Where is the damned woman?' he wondered.

"Jazlyn Xu?" Lucas called out in the apartment as he got himself a bath towel to cover himself. As he was about to get out of bed to look for Jazlyn, he found a piece of paper drifting across a pillow.

Following the note, he saw a stack of green bills sticking out under the pillow.

Puzzled, Lucas picked up the note. When he read it, his beautiful morning was ruined and he fumed with anger.

"Excellent service, full of patience, gentle and experienced. Sure enough, prostitute is your part-time job. Two thousand dollars is under the pillow. I'm satisfied with your service. See you around."

"Fuck you!" Lucas roared and tore the note madly into pieces. "Jazlyn, you are such an evil woman! You bastard!"

With anger flashing in his eyes, Lucas hit the pillow several times and the wad of cash fell down the floor. The mere sight of the money brought him anger and frustration.

Such an insult! Pure insult! 'How dare you do this to me?!'

He, Lucas, had lost to that woman for three times! He swore to himself that he would do everything he could to take revenge!

Thinking of this, Lucas hurriedly put on his clothes and went out to seek help.

At AJ Building.

William sat in his office alone, immersed in the documents that he had accumulated for the past two weeks.

Suddenly, a loud voice came from outside. "William! William!"

Lucas shouted his name as he rushed into William's office.

"Mr. Murong, our CEO is at work now. He cannot be disturbed." Unable to stop him, Virgil followed him to his office while looking embarrassed and helpless. "Boss."

"Alright." William raised his head an

her so that I can help you investigate her. I'm working. Don't bother me."

"Wow, you are quite a professional." Lucas gladly took the pen and paper. He turned around, and sat back on the sofa. There he bent over the table in front of him, preparing to draw a portrait.

'Jazlyn Xu, what does she look like?'

Lucas thought for a moment and prepped the pen, ready to draw her portrait. She had a small oval face, high cheekbones, long lashes, and a pointed nose. Her smile was great but she did not smile often. The corners of her mouth curved intricately and her deep dimples...

The two men did not disturb each other in the office. From time to time, William glanced at Lucas and saw him drawing very seriously. Sometimes he would frown, and sometimes he would smile. It seemed that he was not drawing an enemy, but... a lover!

At the thought of this, William gave a meaningful smile.

"Done!" After a long time, Lucas finally stood up, blew the eraser crumbs on the paper, and looked at his work with satisfaction. He walked to William, and handed the portrait to him proudly. "Have a look. What do you think?"

William took it and nodded. "Yes, not bad! Very beautiful."

"Eh? I mean, what do you think about my drawing?" Lucas rested his hands on his hips. He poked the eyes of the portrait with the pen and said, "I drew here and changed it several times."

William listened to him while smiling. He did not respond until Lucas had finished his words. "It can be seen that you paid a lot of attention on it. How was it? Last night was very unforgettable, huh?"

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