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   Chapter 232 Completion Of Filming (Part One)

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The sun shone brightly upon the horizon as the birds chirped harmonious melodies and the fragrant aroma of the flowers was pleasing. Inside the quiet house, there came a knock on the bedroom door of the second floor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Mommy, open the door!" Elissa's little hand patted the door. "Mommy! Dad! It's Elissa!"

"Mommy!" Alick also began knocking on the door. "Are you in there with dad?"

Mary suddenly sat up from her bed. Hearing the knocking sound, she rubbed her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Hearing the noise, William asked in a daze.

"Alick and Elissa want to come inside." Rubbing her eyes, Mary was about to get out of bed.

"Hmm? Now?" With a snort, William immediately sobered up. He turned over and shouted at the kids outside, "Don't come in now! Wait a moment!"

After that, he hurriedly pulled up the loose neckline that hung on her shoulder. "Hurry up. Fix your clothes... It's not good to let children see you like that..."

Hearing that, Mary was stunned. In a daze, she remembered how restless William was last night. She became angry and anxious immediately.

William grabbed his trousers and put them on in a few seconds. As soon as he fastened his belt, he heard a crack from the door, and then two curious little heads were exposed.



Alick and Elissa rushed in cheerfully. "Mommy, why didn't you open the door?"

"Well..." Mary tidied her hair. "Uh..." Her cheeks flushed as she tried to make up an excuse. "I didn't hear you."

"Why is Dad naked?" Alick glanced at William.

"Well... You don't need to wear clothes to sleep." William nodded firmly.

"Yeah! I won't wear clothes when I go to bed next time!" Elissa clapped her hands.

"But Mommy, why didn't you sleep with Elissa and me last night?" asked Alick as he walked closer to the bed.

"Mommy is bad! Mommy, you don't want to sleep with Elissa!"

A thought suddenly popped up in Mary's head after she heard their complaints.

Her confused and disdainful eyes swept over William, and the two kids also looked at him.

All three remembered that they went to bed together last night...

"Ha ha..." William laughed while putting on a shirt. "This bed is too small. It'll be too crowded if the four of us sleep together. I placed the little guys next door after they fell asleep."

"What..." Mary rubbed her temples. Thinking of that 'sneak attack'

, William had already walked up to her. He wore a tailored suit today, perfectly showing his handsome figure.

"How are the two kids?" Mary asked as he stepped closer. The film should be completed within the day. She hadn't left the set for two days.

"I can feel my heart breaking!" William covered his chest exaggeratedly. "Mary, you didn't even ask me how I'm doing."

"I can tell that you are doing great even without asking!" Mary shook her head.

"I haven't seen you in two days. How can you expect me to be fine?" As he spoke, William was about to take Mary's hand.

Mary dodged right away. "Don't touch me!"

"Oh, Mr. Lan, what brings you here again?" Director Jamie walked over with a smile.

"The film is about to be completed. I should be here, shouldn't I?" William had a stern expression as he raised his eyebrows and withdrew his hand.

"Since you're already here, how about you invite us over for dinner, Mr. Lan? Think of it as a little celebration party for the film's completion."

"No problem!" William waved, indicating that it was a piece of cake. Once the film was finished, Mary would have some time off. She could then accompany William. The thought of her having more time for him made him happy, and he didn't mind spending a bit more to guarantee it.

As soon as William finished speaking, Director Jamie ran to the middle of the hall and shouted, "Today's wrap up party, Mr. Lan will treat us to dinner. Everyone, work hard and make sure to finish your tasks early. You'd better not eat anything before dinner so that later you can enjoy yourselves!"

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