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   Chapter 219 Passionate Dance (Part One)

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 7659

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"AJ Group has dominated the film and television industry for ten years, and its achievements are obvious to all. On the 10th anniversary, Mr. William Lan, the CEO of AJ Group, has invited celebrities from all walks of life to gather. Our reporters are also lucky to get in and do the on-site interviews."

"The 10th anniversary celebration of AJ Group is held in a European style castle manor in the city. The long red carpet has been covered in front of the castle. At six o'clock tonight, stay tuned with our entertainment channel. We will broadcast the whole red carpet show for you. The stars are shining. What are you waiting for?"

"I saw Dad!" Elissa pointed a figure who on the TV excitedly. "Alick, did you see him? Over there!"

"Yes, I did." Alick nodded.

Hearing the two children call William "Dad" so smoothly, Barry could only feel sad secretly and could not refute.

"Dad is so handsome!" Elissa said with an anthomaniac look.

"Daddy Barry is the most handsome!" Alick disagreed.

"Ha ha..." Barry came back to his senses and said to the two kids, "Daddy Barry is going to be on TV tonight too!"

"Really?" Alick ran to Barry and asked, "It turns out that you are going to be on TV with such handsome clothes, Daddy Barry".

"Daddy Barry, why don't you take Elissa with you?" Elissa also ran to Barry, playing being cute, "I also want to be on TV!"

"No way!" When Mary came out of the bedroom on the second floor and was going downstairs, she heard their conversation. "Elissa and Alick, you both need to stay at home tonight."

The three people downstairs looked at her in union.

Mary was wearing a white strapless dress, which was knee length. The delicate lace set off her white and slender legs, and the perfect clavicle was exposed. Her figure was curved and chic, like a fairy falling from the mortal world. There was no extra decorations on her head. She just simply coiled up her black hair, looking elegant and extraordinary.

"Mommy is so beautiful!" Elissa was completely attracted by her mother. She kept looking at Mary.

"Thank you for your praise, Elissa!" Mary walked down the stairs gracefully.

"Mommy is so beautiful!" Alick couldn't help but praise, too.

"Thank you for your praise, Alick!" Mary smiled. Her face contained shy

sts from commerce and the entertainment industry walked gracefully with smiles, and flashlights kept flashing.

As soon as Mary got out of the car arm in arm with Barry, a commotion broke out among the reporters. The two walked along the red carpet with faint smile. As soon as they stood in the middle of the red carpet, they saw a cool Lincoln limousine driving to the front of the red carpet.

"It's Mr. William! Mr. William is here!"

"Mr. William arrived by himself again!"

Hearing the undisguised discussions of the reporters, Mary didn't know whether she should be grateful or helpless.

"Let's go!" Turning to Barry, Mary added, "We can't steal the limelight from the host."

"That's exactly what I thought." Barry stretched out his hand and made a "please" gesture. The two walked slowly into the manor.

William got off the car. His tall figure suddenly appeared in the spotlight. The dark blue suit was well trimmed, making her look mature and evil.

"No wonder he is the most charming golden bachelor in A City. As the representative of the host, Mr. William attracted a lot of cheers. But this time, he walked the red carpet alone, which really surprised me..."

A live broadcast journalist was extremely excited in front of the camera.

Looking at the two figures in the distance, a sudden sullen feeling rose in the bottom of William's heart. He came here in a hurry but let Mary run away...

In the hall of the castle, melodious music pervaded the crowd. People were toasting and laughing.

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