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   Chapter 69 Encounter A Rival In Love

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10552

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Although Mary was complaining, she could know clearly what her duty was and what she should do.

In the quiet room of the hotel, Mary took out the document that was handed over to her by William and read it carefully.

But she felt something was wrong when she looked at it.

This time, she came to Hainan with William to attend the one-hundred day feast of the son of Adam Chen. It was just a small matter. Why did this document introduce Adam Chen in detail?

The boss of BY Entertainment Company? BY Entertainment Company was also a well-known big company in the film and television industry. Did it have cooperation with the AJ Group? But she didn't hear it before.

It was difficult to figure it out...

Mary lay down on the bed in frustration, lost in thought. What would William do at the moment?

On the Coast Road, a black sports car was speeding.

"Thank you for taking me out today, Miss Alisa." Said William in the driver's seat.

"My pleasure," Alisa said with a smile, "It's my honor to come out with Mr. William."

"Well, I'll treat Miss Alisa to dinner to show my gratitude." Said William, turning his head, with one hand on the steering wheel.

"Okay!" Alisa said with a smile, "What do you want to treat me for dinner, Mr. William?"

"Well," William smiled, "I say that I treat Miss Alisa, but in fact, I am just asking Miss Alisa to take me to some place to have a meal."

"That's okay. How about going to a seafood restaurant here?", said Alisa, "The seafood there is caught from the sea in an instant. It's very fresh."


At full speed, the car disappeared in the night.

The restaurant was overcrowded. Sitting in the cubicle, William and Alisa chatted and ate. From politics to life ideal, the confident and unhurried look of William made Alisa think that she had found a confidant.

"Waiter," William snapped his fingers and called the waiter, "make another shrimp ball and pack it up. Bring it up when we plan to leave. Don't get it cold."

"Okay." The waiter nodded politely and left.

"Why do you pack one more?" Alisa asked.

"Well," said William with a smile, "Mary hasn't eaten yet. This shrimp ball is good. Bring one to her."

"Ha ha," Alisa stirred the porridge in front of her casually with a spoon in her hand. Her lowered her head so that no one could see the expression on her face. She said, "Mr. William is so considerate to your wife."

"Really?" It seemed that William didn't notice the abnormality of Alisa. Instead, a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "It's good if she can think so."

"Mr. William is so considerate. Mrs. Mary must be able to feel it."

After the two of them finished eating, William looked at the packed shrimp ball with satisfaction. It seemed that he could foresee how excited Mary would be when she saw it.

"Miss Alisa, can you go to buy clothes with me?"

"What clothes?" Alisa asked.

"I want to buy some clothes for Mary," said William, opening the door for Alisa like a gentleman. "There is a banquet to attend the day after tomorrow, just in YL Bay. I don't know how to choose clothes for woman, so I want to as

e you at all!"

"Not deserve?" Asked William. It seemed that he didn't understand what the words 'not deserve' meant.

"You are such an excellent person. Ordinary people should respect you," said Alisa after a pause. She took a look at him and continued, "But how about Mary? She is cold to you. She even asked you to buy those junk food... She can't be with you. How can she deserve you?"

"I volunteered to do it," said William. "If I don't want to do something, it's useless for others to force me to do that. I'm willing to do whatever she does to me, no matter she scolds me, beats me or orders me. I'm happy to see her happiness. That's all."

"William..." Alisa looked at him in disbelief.

"Because she is Mary, there is nothing she doesn't deserve." 'If we have to talk about 'not deserve', it should be that I don't deserve you, Mary. You are so wonderful...'

"Miss Alisa, please go back early. I'm leaving now." William said goodbye to Alisa politely, turned around and left without hesitation.

Alisa cried sadly. She had summoned up all her courage to confess her love to William, but in return, he showed a deeper confession of his love to Mary. What a failure!

Walking all the way to the hotel hall, William picked up a pile of food that had been put in the car from the front desk and walked towards the room leisurely and elegantly.

He had planned to ask Alisa to take him shopping and buy some clothes for Mary, and he would thank her in the future. But he didn't expect that he would get himself into trouble. Alas.

In the presidential suite on the ten floor of the hotel, Mary had run from the balcony to the door several times barefoot.

"Why hasn't he come back yet?! !" Mary pouted angrily, "Maybe he forgot me who is so hungry when he saw the beauty. Damn it! Damn it! !"

Just as she was about to go to the door again to see the situation, she suddenly heard a few footsteps and the sound of clocking in and opening the door.

'William is back!'

Thinking of this, she quickly ran back to the bed, picked up the documents and pretended to be calm.

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