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   Chapter 67 Started Their New Journey

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10343

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In the coastal villas, in the Liang Mansion.

The big bell in the living room rang eleven times.

At this late time, Frank slowly came back from the company. When the car drove into the courtyard, he was surprised to see that the lights in the villa were still on.

Walking into the living room leisurely, he saw Nancy sitting on the sofa and then he asked, "Why did you call me back?"

Nancy raised her head and stood up slowly without saying anything.

Frank's eyes darkened as she stood up.

Seeing his expression, Nancy suddenly smiled. She gracefully raised her arms and circled around, and then touched her lower abdomen, saying, "How is it? Do I look good in this maternity dress?"

Nancy was tall and slender, and her three month pregnant belly could not be seen at all. It was a little funny to wear a maternity dress like a night robe.

"What's wrong with you?" Frank squinted at Nancy.

"Father and mother must be very happy to see me dressed like this, right?" Nancy raised her eyebrows and smiled proudly.

"Is that why you asked me to come back?" Frank sneered.

"Of course not." Nancy held her arms and said, "Today, I want to thoroughly deal with the things between us."

"Okay." Frank nodded without hesitation. He was glad to hear that Nancy was finally willing to have a 'good talk' with him.

"Actually, the matter between us is very simple." Nancy said indifferently, "I don't want money."

"Oh?" Frank seemed to be surprised, "Then what do you want?"

"My child." Nancy spoke out her requirement firmly.

"No way!" Frank refused firmly, "I can give you money. You can't keep the child!"

"It's not good for you to be so excited," Nancy sat down and said, "I just want to keep the child. After the child is born, I won't tell him who his father is."

"Do you think I will believe you?"

"Ha ha," Nancy smiled with self-mockery, "is there any benefit to tell him? Will I, the daughter of the Lin Group Bank, take your money? Besides, it's not a good thing for my child to know that he has such a father."

Frank squinted his eyes dangerously.

"What do you think?" Nancy looked at him and asked, "as soon as you agree, I'll sign the divorce agreement."

"I have told you that you can't keep the baby," said Frank word by word. "I can't leave any possible future trouble."

"Future trouble? !" Nancy screamed, "He is your child. Do you think he is a future trouble? !"

"You are right." Frank said coldly.

"Is it fake from the beginning?" Nancy was suddenly discouraged and said dejectedly, "Have you been lying to me since our parents introduced us to each other? Do you treat me well just to deal with me? Even for our marriage, are you doing all these things just in order to deceive others?"

"I'm not interested in you from the very beginning."

"Yes, I am too stupid." Nancy lowered her head, not as sharp as before.

Frank looked at her without saying anything.

Suddenly, he wanted to vent his emotion. He took out the cigarette from his pocket and put it into his mouth. Then he took out the lighter and lit the c


"Two eyes. "

"Damn it!" Upon hearing this, Mary felt so distressed that she almost got an inner injury.

"If you are jealous, I will be very upset." William raised his eyebrows and pretended to be in a dilemma.

Mary put up with it for a long time and said, "Just a group of women, why should I worry about? However, if it was a man... "Ha ha," said Mary with a snicker, "it's hard to say if it's a man."

"You are right." William nodded.

He didn't seem to be affected by anything, as if everything was in his hands. How long would it take for him to be so skilled with such an aura!

Mary sighed silently. For the fierce 'confrontation' just now, it seemed that she lost. These simple words from William's mouth had wiped out all the complacency in her heart!

As Mary still had a lingering fear of the airflow caused by the plane last time, when she boarded the plane, she felt worried for a long time.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." After sitting down, William comforted her when he seemed to have noticed her uneasiness.

"Thank you..." Mary looked at him with gratitude, forgetting the unhappiness just now.

"Even if there will be something bad, you don't have a loss since I am with you."

Mary's smile froze on her face. "I'm impressed. You've been against me all the way. I just admit defeat, okay?! And what did you just say? Bah, bah, bah, ominous."


"It's none of your business!" Mary was so angry and she turned around and closed her eyes for rest. However, she really fell asleep after a while.

Putting down the documents in his hands, William sighed slightly, put the seat a little back, and took out a blanket from the seat to cover her.

Mary snorted and adjusted her posture to a comfortable sleeping position. William looked at her, with a tranquil eye. 'It would be great if I'm as simple as you, since I can have a good sleep no matter when I want to.'

William looked out of the window. Would there be something interesting waiting for them at the destination of this flight?

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