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   Chapter 62 Three Persons

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Sitting in the car, Mary was a little bit uneasy. It was strange to sit in the passenger seat in a swimsuit.

"Can you find a place to park the car? I'm going to change my clothes." Asked Mary.

William stared at her and said, "Are you afraid that I will see it?"


"There is nothing to look at." William had a bite of his lips, "I'm not interested in women."

"Then you still!" Turning her head, Mary was so angry that she didn't finish her words.

"Then I still what?" Asked William.

"Nothing, nothing." Mary took a deep breath. Then you still raped me, although it's not a glorious thing. Mary turned to look at William again. That night was still a big blow to him, wasn't it?

"Let's go to eat." Hearing that, William didn't get involved in the topic anymore. Without waiting for the permission of Mary, he drove to the most prosperous commercial street in A-city.

"How can I go there in a swimsuit? ?" Mary was annoyed and said, "No, I'm not hungry."

"I am ordering you as your employer, understand?" Said William, raising his eyebrows.

"I know, I know," Mary was not convinced, but she had to nod heavily. "A typical big landlord style."

"Mary!" William pull over the car steadily. "Are you challenging me?! "

"No, no, no." Mary waved her hand.

Sometimes, she just couldn't control her own mouth. A quarrel of words would always cause trouble!

"You'd better not. Otherwise, you can just go to dinner in a swimsuit." William got out of the car, walked to the door of the passenger seat and opened the door for Mary. "Come out. Let's go to buy a dress first."

"What?" Mary got out of the car in confusion and looked up. It's the entrance of the mall. In front of the transparent window on the first floor of the shopping mall, there were all high-end goods that could not be reached by Mary.

At the same time, William was the first to enter the hall and Mary could just followed him silently.

It was a bikini inside and a suit jacket outside. It was so strange. How Mary wished she could find a hole to hide herself.

"Hello, sir and madam. What can I do for you?" The shop assistant smiled as if she didn't see the mess of Mary.

"Get her some clothes." With his hands in his pockets. He said coolly.

"Okay." The shop assistant nodded her head gracefully and walked to the side of Mary, asking, "Ma'am, what kind of clothes do you want?"

"Whatever." Lowering her head, Mary said in a low voice.

"Ma'am, what do you think?" the shop assistant took a black strapless bubble skirt and asked, "This skirt is one of the Chanel's StartingPoint series this season. It's simple and elegant, very suitable for your temperament."

Mary raised her head and flipped through the skirt. It didn't look like her type.

Mary raised her hand to see the price tag, and her hand trembled because of the five zero behind the price. "This... It's not my style at all! No! No!"

"How about this one?" The shop assistant brought another light yellow dress.

"Let me see..

hank you for understanding us." Frank smiled at Mary and said, "I've liked Bro William since a long time ago. Without him, I really don't know what I will be like. I'm a freak..."

"Don't think too much," said William, putting his hand on the back of Frank's hand. "Everything is going in a good direction. So what about gay? Don't care about other people's sunshine, as long as we like each other."

"Yes, you're right." Frank nodded hard with his eyes shining.

Mary lowered her head. Should she celebrate their beautiful love now? But she was really not happy.

The dishes were served soon.

Mary picked up a piece of green apple cake and bit it slowly. The cake was so sweet that they tasted bitter.

Sure enough, they were not from the same world. Her values and taste were different from those of William. After all, they couldn't be together, not to mention that they didn't even love each other.

Frank was different. They grew up together and loved each other. Everything was the same... Even the gender was the same. Only two of them could be together, perfect match.

Mary picked up a napkin and wiped her mouth. When she looked up, she saw the advertisement on the LED screen of the opposite building.

I was AJ Group Real Estate. In the picture, the two of William and Mary hugged each other affectionately. How long could such a perfect marriage last?

"By the way," Frank continued, "Bro William, can I go back with you and Mary and sleep there?"

Mary's hand holding the napkin trembled violently and her lips turned pale for a moment. She didn't know whether the sharp eyed William had noticed her or not, but she really couldn't control her thoughts.

"Is it because of Nancy?" Asked William in a calm voice.

"Yeah." Frank snorted.

"Ask Mary. It is her name that is on the property ownership certificate."

"Mary? What do you think?" Frank asked with his eyes wide open.

"Okay, okay." The corners of Mary's mouth twitched.

"Thank you, Mary. You are so kind!"

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