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   Chapter 55 Miles Of Fragrans

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 6673

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After hanging up the phone, Mary wandered in front of rows of fragrans trees.

Although the fragrans trees were not very beautiful, the fragrance it gave off and the peaceful memory it brought to Mary were incomparable to others.

When Victor arrived, he saw that Mary was standing with her back to him. She gently lifted her left hand and put it on a branch. Her delicate face slowly approached and smelt the small yellow fragrans intoxicatedly.

It was obvious that Victor had come here in a hurry. He couldn't wait to take out his phone and take a photo of her slim figure under the tree.

With a click, Victor confirmed the photo and smiled with satisfaction.


As expected, Mary turned her head in shock after Victor called her name.

"Oh my God! Are you really here? !" Mary ran over with a surprised smile, "How did you find me? !"

"I have my own method." Said Victor with a smile.

"Humph," said Mary, "Tell me."

"I just randomly made a location for your mobile phone, and then with my personal charm, I inquired about the fragrans forest nearby. It's easy to find it." A smile played at the corners of Victor's mouth.

"You have a good method." Mary smiled and asked, "Is your meeting over?"

"Yes, it's over." Victor looked around and asked, "Is this your home? I can smell the fragrance from afar."

"It used to be my home." Mary said, "Then I sold it to save money for my mother's treatment."

"What a pity!" said Victor, pursing his lips. "How about I buy it for you again?"

"Are you kidding me? The land is so expensive now..."

"I will be glad if you like it." "I'm serious," said Victor, staring at Mary with burning eyes.

Mary felt uneasy under his gaze and quickly changed the topic. "Now I live in A-city. How can I have time to come back and take care of these pieces of land?"

Victor lowered his head and smiled, without saying anything more.

"Let me show you around, OK?" Asked Mary.

"Okay, let's go." Said Victor, "Let me


Love him? Is that so? Mary closed her eyes. Was she unwilling to leave him because she loved him and so she continued to stay with him in the name of the contract?

"What's that like?" Victor continued to ask, "Why do you have to compromise, Mary? Just leave him. Don't make yourself painful anymore!"

"We... we have a fake marriage!" With tears in her eyes, Mary continued, "He gave me money and bought my marriage!"

"What?" Victor frowned and was obviously quite shocked. He had thought about whether there would be any money transaction between Mary and William. It turned out to be true!

"Yes, so I have to keep staying with him. Whether he likes women or men, I can only watch and suffer!" Mary squatted down and burst into tears.

"Mary!" "You still have me," said Victor suddenly, pulling Mary up.

Then he stretched out his long arm and held Mary in his arms. Before she could react, his warm lips directly touched her.

In the CEO's office of AJ Group in Z-city.

William hung up the phone in anger. 'Mary, you are brave now! Do you think I can't control you even if you are far away from me?! Go back to my hometown? I think you go there to meet another man! Good job, Victor! Do you think I can't tell your voice?'

Thinking of this, William took his phone and dialed a number in a hurry.

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