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   Chapter 43 Become A Devil

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The company was in a mess. Mary sent a message to Kevin, saying that she was recuperating and that the company's board of directors would take care of it.

She was just a small assistant under the name of 'the CEO's wife'. She was tired and wanted to be an ostrich.

Sunday, the airport hall of A-city was crowded with people, and the planes landed steadily one by one.

Two tall men wearing sunglasses walked out of the hall and headed for the VIP lounge.

"I'll ask the driver to send you back later."


When they entered the lounge, two men had just sat down.

"OK, everyone," the host's funny tone came from the TV, "check today's headline. The AJ Group was involved in the dismantling accident, and the wife of the CEO was involved in the dubious relationship with the artist of their company. Their circle is really unpredictable. Watch the video."

"Mary, are you okay?" In the video, Victor was pulling up the fallen Mary.

"I'm fine." Mary smiled at him.

"Stop it! Stop it!" Kevin angrily waved his fist at the camera.

"What a mess!" The screen turned back to the host, "but what's more surprising is that the CEO of AJ Group, William, hasn't shown up in everyone's view. What's the reason? At present, AJ Group hasn't given any response..."

The host's voice seemed to be getting farther and farther, and the lounge was silent.

"It seems that a lot of things have happened during our absence!" Frank said with a hint of banter.

Squinting his eyes, William clenched her fists. His knuckles had turned pale. He spit out a few words fiercely, "Mary..."

"You are busy now."

Without saying anything for a long time, William stared at the TV, almost leaving a hole in it.

"You can leave later. I have to go back first." William grabbed his suit jacket and was about to leave.

"William!" Frank stood up at once and held his arm. His eyes were cold. "Are you going back in such a hurry for the company or for Mary? !"

"It's the same." William glanced at him.

"You are deceiving yourself." Frank shook off William's hand, turned around and never looked at him again.

"Behave yourself." After saying that, William couldn't wait to open the door and rush out.

"Well, fine." Only Frank was left in the lounge. He watched TV with a sad and sarcastic smile on his face. 'You still don't want to? You still don't want to take me to Norway, don't you?'

At the Floor 20 Kirin International Comm

Mary's mind went blank as if it explored. What did he mean?! All the time, even though William had a bad temper, Mary thought that he was still a modest gentleman. Tonight, he was really crazy!

After taking a few steps, William kicked the door open and threw Mary on the bed.

Mary felt dizzy because of the heavy fall and previous physical discomfort. Before she could react, a black shadow flashed in front of her.

However, before she could speak, William seized the opportunity and started.


Mary struggled desperately and gnawed at William with hatred.

"Hiss..." The pain made William raise his head. He touched his mouth with his left thumb and found that it was bleeding.

"William!" Mary look stubborn and angry, "Let go of me! "

All of a sudden, a smile appeared on William's face. Seeing that the corner of Mary's mouth was stained with his blood, he was moved beyond words.

"No way!"

The two words were uttered coldly by William!

"William!" "Let go of me! I hate you! I hate you!"

As Mary struggled, she cried.

As if William hadn't heard her plea, he continued his work.

At the thought of what might happen next, a shiver ran down Mary's spine. She cried and struggled, "Let go of me! Please let go of me!"

Staring at her, William whispered in Mary's ear, "I want you to remember this moment!"

After a long time, with a deep roar, all the movements of William stopped.

"Fuck off!" With all her strength, Mary pushed away William and got out of bed, regardless of her own body.

But before she could take a step forward, she fell down with a loud bang.


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