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   Chapter 42 Dispute In The Hospital

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"Go to the doctor to apply some medicine." Victor supported her and said.

"No, thanks. It's not a big deal. I'll go to see the family first." "Kevin, don't be angry. Those reporters are really aggressive. Don't be mad at them," Mary added, nodding at Kevin.

"I see." Kevin nodded cautiously.

"Now you finally know how it feels to be surrounded by a group of reporters, don't you?" Said Victor jokingly.

"Ha ha..."

Both of Mary and Kevin smiled bitterly.

"By the way, why are you at the gate of the hospital, Victor?" Mary frowned suddenly and asked.

"I followed your car to here." Victor said frankly, "I'm afraid that something will happen to you. It did happen..."

"You..." Mary looked at him and suddenly said, "Why did you follow me? I guess you are involved in the gossip again. You have tried hard to stop any gossip these days."

"It doesn't matter. I felt good by being on the headlines last time." Said Victor with a smile.

"Alas." Mary sighed and said nothing.

Looking at the two of them, Kevin's heart was full of twists and turns. 'Have the big star Victor fallen in love with Mary?'

When they followed the staff from the general manager office to the gate of the operating room, they knew that the child of that house was badly injured, and the elder was suffering from sudden high blood pressure.

"Will my life be in danger?" "What's wrong?" Mary asked the doctor.

"If the operation is successful, there will be no danger. Just wait for it being done."

"Let's go to see the couple first," Mary said, letting the doctor go and biting her lips.

The group of people came to the ward in silence. The middle-aged woman had woken up and was very excited. As soon as she saw Mary and the other people, she jumped up from the bed in a hurry.

"What are you doing here? !" The woman shouted, "Are you coming to take our lives? !"

"Sister, don't get us wrong. We are here to visit you." The assistant from the general manager office, Will, known for his gentle and elegant manner, said slowly, "Don't be excited."

"If anything happens to my child and my father, I will fight with you desperately!" The woman's arm was wrapped with thick gauze. "You want my house? No way!"

"Well, Sister, we have discussed the price in advance, haven't we?" Will said again.

"No, we haven't. !" The woman gritted her teeth and said, "You landlords want the last bit of land of us. We won't agree!"

"Don't be so rude!" Kevin said, "At the beginning, every land owned by every family has been measured and our company has gave you money, but in the end, you regret it because you thought the money was not that much. Now you bet on the lives of your family. It's just what you deserve!"

"Kevin!" "I'm sorry, Sister," Mary said to the woman, pulling Kevin's sleeve! "

"You, you are not good people, all of you!" The woman felt her pain point was revealed. She stretched out her neck, picked up the glass on the table and roared with all her strength, "I'll fight you to death!"


Mary only saw a beautiful arc made by the glass, hitting her forehead.

Hiss... It hurts. Has this woman practiced it? If something happened t

dn't show up."

News about them came one after another, not only occupying the headlines, but also almost the whole page.

Mary's corners of mouth twisted and thought, 'Am I really angry?'

The call from the company kept coming, but Mary hadn't answered all of them. 'Even William didn't care about it at all. Why should I care about it? I am not somebody.'

She dragged her steps to the window. There were a few reporters hidden in front of the apartment in the garden downstairs. Looking at them disdainfully, Mary felt a chill in her heart.

Things had become very troublesome in the afternoon.

Mary was like an outsider, reading news and comments one by one.

The statement of AJ Group was quite convincing. It listed the agreements that had been signed by those who didn't want to move, and took out the complete video at the gate of the hospital. It was obvious that Mary was in a mess, but it also calmed down some gossips.

The only hard explanation was why Victor appeared at the gate of the hospital, alone.

Some fans who supported Victor cursed on the Internet that as the wife of the CEO, Mary seduced him while her husband was away. She deserved to be punished.

Mary smiled and wondered, 'When did they see me seducing Victor?'

Some people even copied the scene in the Past of Republic of China where Mary acted as the substitute, saying that she was a seductress, that she was shameless, and that she had already had a crush on Victor.

Mary smiled. No matter how she watched, she didn't find that she liked 'Victor' in the TV opera. Or did the netizens have a good eyesight? How could they know that the substitute was her?

'The wife of the CEO of AJ Group plays as a substitute and looks at Victor affectionately."

"Taboo love: the wife of the CEO and the company's artists"

"The wife of the CEO was trapped at the gate of the hospital. Victor looked anxious."

For a moment, the topic that was being discussing on the Internet was shifted from the "dismantling accident" to their "ambiguous relationship".

The whole thing was in a mess. Mary wanted to laugh and cry.

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