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   Chapter 39 The Conflict Escalated

Marriage Contract: Love Game With CEO By Gu Xiaoshi Characters: 10204

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"I don't want to," Mary was scared and said, shaking her head like a rattle.

"Did you hear that?" William glanced at Victor defiantly.

Victor squinted his eyes and said nothing.

Mary wondered what was going on. The conflict between the two had been sublimated. Did she get involved?

"Victor," Mary hurried to interrupt the weird atmosphere, "Go and change your clothes. I'll go later. Hurry up."

As Mary spoke, she winked at Victor with all her facial muscles.

"Mary, why are you blinking?" William exposed her little trick rudely.

"Ha ha... Well..." All of a sudden, Sheryl stopped and looked embarrassed.

"Victor, why haven't you come here yet?" The dresser's voice came from afar.

"I'm coming now." Replied Victor. He took a look at William, and slowly released Mary, and said, "I'll go first."

"Okay." Mary nodded repeatedly as if she was relieved.

As soon as Victor turned around, William shook off his hand holding Mary and said, "Don't come to the site again."

"Okay, okay, okay." Mary nodded. It was the last day anyway. Besides, the site was so boring that it was not as comfortable as the office.

"Oh, my God!" the director came back after he finished his work. "Boss, you don't know how beautiful Mrs. Mary looks in the camera."

"Oh? Really?" Looking at Mary, William wore a faint smile.

"Yeah, yeah," the director seemed to be unaware of the subtle atmosphere between the two people, and continued to praise Mary. "It's really not worse than professional actors. The camera..."

"Can I have a look?" Asked William.

"No problem," the director said with a smile. "Come here, Boss."

"Okay." William put his hands in his pockets. He take some steps and suddenly turned around to say to the stunned Mary, "Go and fetch the photo album from my car. Here you are."

Then he handed the key to her.

"Okay, fine." Mary nodded and ran to the place where he parked.

Standing in front of the camera, William watched the scene they had just taken.

"Look, look," the director couldn't help but praise, "No NG."

"Okay, I see." With a groan, William watched that, in the video, Victor held Mary in his arms. What a domineering man he was! The words "My feeling just comes out and becomes stronger and stronger now" were really affectionate.

Who was the scriptwriter? It was unreliable. How could a master say such sweet words?!

'The confusion in Mary's eyes didn't change. She acted as she really was. How dare she film such an intimate scene?! She had been living too comfortably recently, hadn't she? !'

William clenched his fists more and more tightly.

Mary whispered as she was walking, "Photo album? What kind of photo album is it?"

She had never expected that it would be a wedding photo album.

Mary took out the thick photo album and saw the photo where they were together. She thought of that unexpected kiss again, and William didn't even give an explanation. It was really the boss's style.

If it weren't for that kiss, how could she be attracted by him?


staff to hang the photos on the wall when he came back. However, she just showed such a disgusted expression?! Besides, Mary, do you really want to escape from and find a new boyfriend?! Are those words that you like me are bullshit? !'

William was so angry that he didn't realize that what he thought had exceeded what a nominal husband should care about.

Lying on the bed and listening to the sound of the pot smashing and kicking outside made by William, Mary was unmoved.

'Is a businessman always like this? Is it interesting to play tricks like this? What surprise? Was it just to fool others?! William, you are so cruel.

"Du, du, du..."

The phone in his pocket rang. William took it out impatiently and said angrily, "Hello? Who?"


"Frank?" Hearing that, William frowned, trying to calm down, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Take me away."

"What's wrong? What happened?" Hearing Frank's words, William frowned.

"I want to leave this place. I hate this place! Take me away!" On the other side of the phone, Frank was very emotional.

"Okay," said William calmly. "Don't worry. Tell me what happened first."

There was no response from the other end of the phone for a long time.

"Frank, are you still there? "

"I'm with Nancy."

Oh my God! Hearing that, the hand holding the phone tightened all of a sudden. If he were to be with a woman, he would suffer more than killing him!

"Are you at home? I'm going to see you." Said William firmly.


As soon as Mary got up and opened the door, she saw that William grabbed his coat and rushed out. Mary heaved a sigh of relief. But at the same time, she also felt depressed.

William must have someone other than her, does he? It was late at night, and he didn't return home at all. Now he was in a hurry to go out. Everything was good evidence.

Standing in front of the window, Mary saw from a distance that William anxiously opened the car door and drove away. He couldn't pretend to be nervous. He was really nervous.

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